How to Complete Cryptic Quatrains 1, 2, and 3 Quests

destiny 2‘s Season of Plunder came with several new activities, weapons to farm, and mysteries to unravel over the course of the three-month cycle. The number of things to keep track of in Season of Plunder can be overwhelming for some players, especially with the new seasonal currencies and Cryptic Quatrains quests.

These are only accessible after gaining more ranks in the seasonal vendor, the Star Chart. This guide explains how to obtain and complete Cryptic Quatrains 1, 2 and 3 destiny 2.


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How to complete cryptic quatrains 1

From Rank 7 of the Star Chart, destiny 2 Players can unlock the first of three parts of the Cryptic Quatrains questline. This can be achieved by simply playing Season of Plunder activities, with each completion awarding Savvy Points to level up the Vendor.

Once unlocked, there are a few steps to follow to complete the Cryptic Quatrains 1 quest. The first thing you have to do is travel to the moon, specifically Sorrow’s Harbor.

This is where the K1 Revelation Lost Sector is located, not far from the spawn location in Sorrow’s Harbor.

Players must enter and clear the Lost Sector, which can be done on Normal difficulty without being a Legend or Master version.

Once the boss is defeated and destiny 2 Players open the chest at the end, the quest will automatically update to the next step.

For the third step, players will need to go to the Cosmodrome via the Objectives tab and launch the SABER Strike trap.

After completing the strike, the Cryptic Quatrains 1 quest will be updated with the fourth and final step.

Players must travel to Europe and go to the Eventide Ruins.

destiny 2 Players should then head to the north of the spawning location in the Eventide Ruins, and behind an icy cliff there is buried treasure marked with the same icon from the Expedition activity in Season of Plunder.

This completes the Cryptic Quatrains 1 quest, which rewards players with a random weapon or armor piece from Season of Plunder and a quest item called Crude Cipher Fragment.

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How to complete Cryptic Quatrains 2

As with Cryptic Quatrains 1, destiny 2 Players must first rank up the Star Chart trader before gaining access to Cryptic Quatrains 2, this time up to Rank 10.

Again, the first step for Cryptic Quatrains 2 will be to complete a Lost Sector. This time players need to travel to the Dreaming City, specifically to the Divalian Mist checkpoint, and then go to the Lost Sector Bay of Drowned Wishes.

Once the Lost Sector is completed, opening the last chest will update the quest to the next step.

destiny 2 Players must go to the EDZ via the Objective tab and then select the Lake of Shadows Strike that must be completed next.

Once the Lake of Shadows boss is defeated, players will progress to the next part of the quest.

This time it is required to complete Season of Plunder’s expedition once, but the limitation is that players must have a sword equipped for the quest in order to progress at the end of the activity.

However, enemies within the expedition do not need to be defeated with the sword.

When the activity is complete, the Cryptic Quatrains 2 quest moves to the next step.

Now, destiny 2 Players must go to Nessus and use the waypoint called The Cistern.

From there, players will have to cross the Lake of Radiolaria and go into the cistern by jumping on the rocks in front of them.

Immediately inside the cistern, players will see a marked spot on the ground that they must examine. This will update the quest to the next step.

Players must then leave the cistern and head northwest from there to where the public event in the area usually begins. There players will find the buried treasure from Cryptic Quatrains 2.

Collecting the treasure ends the quest and the rewards are two random items from the Season of Plunder weapon and armor pieces and another Crude Cipher Fragment.

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How to complete Cryptic Quatrains 3

To be eligible to receive Cryptic Quatrains 3 from the Star Chart, destiny 2 Players must reach rank 16 at the merchant, which requires multiple activity completions.

The quickest way to do this is to run Season of Plunder’s Master Ketchcrash multiple times, as it grants the most progress.

The first step when the quest is active requires players to go to the EDZ and start the Sunken Islands waypoint. From there, players will need to go to The Quarry Lost Sector and complete it.

When the Lost Sector is completed, the quest will be updated with a new requirement.

The next step requires players to launch the Exodus Crash Strike on Nessus and complete it in a single life. Dying while on strike will not grant progress towards the Cryptic Quatrains 3 quest and players will have to start the strike again.

Once this quest step is completed, players can proceed to the next task.

This time, players must complete the Ketchcrash activity from Season of Plunder while wielding a hand cannon. This step is very similar to the sword step in Cryptic Quatrains 2, but with a different weapon archetype.

As in the previous quest step, players do not need to get hand cannon kills for the mission to progress. Completing Ketchcrash with the hand cannon equipped advances the quest.

Next, destiny 2 Players need to open their Quests tab and check their Captain’s Atlas, which is typically used to place maps for the Expedition Mission.

However, players do not have to insert a regular card, but rather the Crude Ciphers from Cryptic Quatrains 1 and 2.

This takes the quest to the next step, which also takes place in the Captain’s Atlas.

Here, players must land a different Fallen House symbol in each of the three available slots. The order is always the same, and the requirement is to place the House of Dawn first, the House of Redemption second, and the House of Light third.

If the wrong fragments are deployed, players will receive a mission error message and the sequence will have to restart.

Finally, by placing the correct symbols in each slot, the quest advances to the next step.

destiny 2 Players must travel to the cosmodrome via the waypoint at The Steppes. From there they should travel to the Forgotten Shore via Sparrow, to the Abandoned Ship where the entrance to the Veles Labyrinth Lost Sector is located.

Players do not have to enter the Lost Sector but rather interact with the icon on the ship.

From there, players must find a specific cave in the same area of ​​the cosmodrome.

This cave is at the entrance to the Forgotten Shore area, just below the large cliff that is usually the starting point for The Disgraced Strike.

There is buried treasure in the cave that players can collect to complete the quest.

The reward is a mix of three items from Season of Plunder’s weapon and armor pieces, plus an Exotic Sparrow called the Charge of Light.

Completing the Cryptic Quatrains 3 quest will also be rewarded destiny 2 Players with a seasonal triumph called Beacon’s Guidance.

This is the last Cryptic Quatrains in the game, and resetting the Star Chart reputation will not bring any more quests to complete.

destiny 2 is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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