How To Complete The Cold Residue Quest In Potion Permit

Although you will find many quests on offer Potions Permission (mainly gathering resources to help townspeople improve their life or work), some are essential to your gameplay. Some will unlock new and invaluable resources, but will require additional time and effort from you.

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One such search is Cold residue, and while it’s long, it’s definitely worth it. Not only will you be able to Harvest the resource that couldn’t grow because of the frost spikes, but it’s also how you get access the second chemistry test this is also crucial in order to prove yourself to the medical association and to gain further qualifications.


Here’s how to start your search for cold residue

Before you can begin the Cold Residue quest, Glaze Iceberg must be unlocked, which is done by completing the Cable Car Repair quest. If you haven’t unlocked this area of ​​the map yet, check out our guide on how to complete the cable car repair.

Go to Glaze Iceberg and get on your way one of the northernmost points of the area, almost directly above the teleport point north of Glaze Iceberg. Here you’ll encounter another steaming pit surrounded by massive, spiky ice formations. Bubble will arrive in a cutscene and tell you what she knows but suggests You’re talking to Osman, the hard-working caped police chief, to see what he knows while his father helped clean up the aftermath of the failed scientific experiments that took place here.

This is how you learn more about the experiments

Osman can be elusiveas an officer constantly patrolling Moonbury, so finding him can be difficult. If he’s not at the police station or at home, let your dog find him. Your dog can only find NPCs you’ve already met, so make sure you make friends around town.

You go to the police station with Osman, who will show you one locked filing cabinet in his office. He tells you about his father, who was also a police officer and knew the scientists who worked in the field you are asking about. Osman still has his father’s old filing cabinet, but he doesn’t have the key to get inside.

Much of the backstory for this quest can be found in the science logs scattered around Glaze Iceberg when you first enter the area and poking out of the ground, but you’ll only find four pages out of five. The last page goes in the filing cabinet.

This is how you get into the filing cabinet

Luckily Moonbury has a very skilled craftsman Reyner who owns Bulk and Build. He can help open the closet, though He will need some resources before he can start.

article how to get them
5 gold nuggets Smash the larger rocks in Glaze Iceberg
5 wooden fruits Defeat the Blossom Shooters in Glaze Iceberg

When you deliver the items to Reynerhe thanks you for your help and tells you to finish by tomorrow. Go to bed to continue the quest.

Reyner will bring you the key the next morning, and you must Bring the cabinet key to Osman. He takes you to his office and tells you that his father wanted the information to go to someone who is genuinely interested in what happened and Osman hopes he is making the right choice by showing it to you while unlocking the closet.

After a cutscene jYou will receive a potion recipe that was in but it requires you to do something Research at the bank in your home before you craft it. As soon as you are done, white breeze can be crafted in your cauldron.

How to make white breeze

The potion has 18 squares, making it quite a challenge to craft without it Upgrade your cauldron at Hearts and Sparks. If you haven’t already upgraded, check out our guide to doing so. To complicate matters further, you are can only use earth or water materials to craft the potion.

We have a possible solution for the above riddle for you. We used:

what to use where to get it
Juice cut down trees
Rainbow Dew Meadow Range after completing the Annoying Bugs quest
Wild Mane Defeat Bone Masks in the Meadow Range
lavender meadow area

When it is finished, Bring the White Breeze Potion to Osman. Both of you teleport to Glaze Iceberg right next to the ice spikes to get rid of them together.

The rewards

You will get two things for completing this quest. The first is the ability to harvest Yggdrasil daily. The plant has a handy three-square vertical shape, and three are available each day once you complete the quest (although they’re hearty, so hopefully you’ve upgraded your scythe).

When you wake up the day after completing the quest, Moira from the Medical Association will be arriving to give you the information for your second test. You can start searching for it once the cutscene with it ends.

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