How To Complete The Prologue In Sunday Gold

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sunday gold combines point-and-click adventure with RPG combat. The prologue scene introduces players to both before unleashing them on the game’s first major heist. As it turns out, this is the kind of game where even something like walking into a pub isn’t as easy as it sounds.

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Frank’s initial challenge also offers opportunities to find bonus items that will come in handy later in the game, as well as a choice that affects later dialogue. Master the prologue and you’ll be ready for anything Hogan and his cronies can throw at you!

How to get the crowbar

As the scene begins, Frank has been kicked out of his favorite bar for arguing with another patron. He needs to go back to meet up with Sally and get information about the new job she has planned. Pick up your compad off the pavement when it’s buzzing to get started.


It is your first task take the crowbar guarded by the tramp Mickey. He won’t let you near him, so you must make a peace offering. Search the phone booth on the right side of the screen to find some pounds of change.

Give Mickey the change, and he’ll go to buy himself a pint. Once he’s gone, you can take the crowbar without further incident.

Searching the phone booth, giving Mickey the change, and picking up the crowbar in that exact order with no further AP spending will use Frank’s initial AP allocation exactly. Otherwise you have to Finish your turn before you can pick up the crowbar.

Once you have the crowbar, you can use it Break down the iron gate turn left and enter the alley. Before you do this, it’s worth spending the AP on it Search Mickey’s lair. You will find some painkillers that you can use in the upcoming fight or save for later.

How to defeat Ian

In the alley you will come across a mafia enforcer named Ian who is beating up a guy who is behind on his payments. Frank also owes money to Ian’s boss, leading to a fight.

If you have AP left at the start of the battle, attack right away with Frank’s Butterfly Knife to get some early hits. In the second round, Ian will do it prepare an attack what you need to protect yourself from. That too fills up Frank’s AP.

Ian is slow and only attacks every few turns. When he prepares a big attack (indicated by a yellow line between him and Frank), Beware regardless of your remaining AP.

You can stun Ian by reducing his defense to zero with repeated attacks. this will interrupt his prepared attackbut if you miss, you’ll face a world of pain.

Once Ian is defeated, you will receive the £200 he took from his unconscious victim. You can also search jan to get an extra dose of painkillers.

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How to distract the bouncer

The bouncer figured out Frank’s plan to sneak in through the back door, and won’t let you in. You need to come up with a distraction.

Search Ian’s victim to find his shopping list and some firecrackers. You can also return the stolen money if you want – that’s how you deserve it Happy Birthday Achievement, and you will get an additional item at the end of Chapter One. Otherwise you can save the money Pay off Frank’s cash bill once you’re inside

Find the dumpster on the right side of the screen to find a bottle Birmingham’s bestthen use the firecrackers too start a dumpster fire. After the cutscene, Frank is back in front of the Jolly Hangman. Enter through the front door.

Activities in the pub

You can go straight to Sally to start the game properly, but first there are a few things to do near the pub. Talk to the bartender and Set the fallen stool upright, then talk to the patron in the red shirt to calm things down from your fight. If you still have the money you took from Ian, you can do that Pay Frank’s bill to get that whoever finds it may keep it Perfomance.

There’s a purse on the table next to Sally’s – Search It to find a third dose of painkillers, which will provide you with a decent supply of healing items to start the first chapter. Once you are ready Talk to Sally then hear about the job order a drink from the bartender to end the prologue.

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