How to Convert Your Video Files for Free, With WinX Video Converter

Got a video file that doesn’t work on your laptop or smartphone? With WinX Video Converter, you can convert it to another file type for free.

It’s quite irritating when you have a video (or a selection of it) in an obscure file format. What if you cannot play these video files on your laptop or smartphone? Are the memories you recorded gone forever? Can you watch the videos?

Get into WinX Video Converter, which can take all the heartache out of trying to watch videos by converting them to a more accessible format, along with a host of other useful problem-solving features. Let’s inspect…

What is WinX Video Converter?

WinX Video Converter is your one-stop shop for converting almost all types of video files. Can’t play HEVC files? Transcode them with WinX Video Converter and you can watch them on any device. How about that awesome GoPro UHD slow mo clip you captured on the mountain bike trails? Don’t worry, WinX Video Converter can convert the video file for you, so you can watch it anywhere you want.

Not only can you convert a wide range of videos to other formats, but you can also edit these videos. Compress 4K videos to 90% of their original size without sacrificing video quality, or edit, trim, crop and merge your videos as you wish. You can even adjust certain parameters like frame rate and bit rate.

You can download WinX Video Converter for free (until August 22, 2022) just by visiting the website. This will get you an up-to-date, fully featured version of the application, but note that if you want to receive future updates, you’ll need to purchase a full license of WinX Video Converter, which is a one-time payment of $29.95. You also get the excellent YouTube download feature with the lifetime license version.

How does WinX Video Converter work?

Using WinX Video Converter is super easy. Here we will guide you through the conversion process and convert a video in MOV format to MP4. You’ll see how easy the process is, and it works just as easily for any file conversions you want to do.

  1. First you need to grab your MOV file and transfer it to your PC. Make sure you save it in a place where you can easily find it, e.g. B. in your Downloads folder.
  2. Then launch WinX Video Converter and you will see the Video Conversion option at top left. Click on it to start one Open Window and locate your MOV file, select it and click Open.
  3. Then see them output profile pop up. Here you can choose which file type you want your MOV to be converted to. I decided to convert MOV to MP4 video. click OK.
  4. This will put your video file into the converter where you can To edit or Rename before proceeding with the conversion process.
  5. Now all you have to do is strike To run and your video will be saved on your PC or laptop in the destination folder which you can see in the screenshot below

Your files will now be converted and you can save them to any device ready for playback later.

Convert video files with WinX Video Converter

Now that you know how easy it is to convert videos to different formats, all you need to do is download WinX Video Converter and you can start converting your videos to the format you want or fully edit them into new videos. And don’t forget, you can download it for free until August 22, 2022!

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