How to Craft Vaik Armor

In order to unlock the ability to craft the low and high tier Vaik armor sets in Monster Hunter Rise, players must first acquire a rare fish from the Argosy.

While most armor uses Monster Hunter Ascension are obtained by hunting a specific monster, some, like the Vaik armor set, are hidden and can only be acquired after obtaining a specific item. Until this specific material is obtained, the gear collection will remain unavailable in the Blacksmith’s crafting menu. While such a mechanic may sound counterintuitive to some, this secret armor kicks in Monster Hunter Ascension are a great way to get players to interact with the various resource gathering systems outside of monster hunting.


To unlock the Vaik armor set in the Forge Monster Hunter Ascension, players must first acquire an Armored Bream from the Argosy. Those familiar with Argosy will understand that it is a system that offers a variety of resources that hunters can obtain by sending their friends on trade requests. However, the Armored Bream is not included in the list of selectable resources. This is because this fish can only be obtained randomly from a specific Argosy mission type.

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Corresponding game8, an armored bream can only be acquired in the Ice Barb Bazaar, the mission type indicated by the herb and fish in the tab selector. Since the Armored Bream is a rare item, players are encouraged to use Shiny Bargain or Blending Bargain on their friends Monster Hunter Ascension, granting a higher chance for the fish to appear in loot from trade requests. Once this brace has been placed in a person’s item chest, the Vaik armor set will be available in the Forge Monster Hunter Ascension.

Crafting the Vaik armor set in Monster Hunter Rise

Below is an index of all the resources required to craft high rank Vaik armor Monster Hunter Ascension:

armor piece resources
Vaik Helm S
  • Armored Bream ×2
  • Whetfish ×2
  • Hydro Skin+ ×2
  • Gracium ×2
Vaik Mail S
  • Armored Bream ×1
  • Quality fin ×2
  • Dragonite Ore ×3
  • Speartuna ×1
Vaik braces S
  • Armored Bream ×1
  • Carbalite Ore ×3
  • Speartuna ×1
  • Immature Sponge ×2
Vaik coil S
  • Armored Bream ×1
  • Gajau Scale ×2
  • Sushi Fish ×2
  • Carbalite Ore ×3
Vaik Greaves S
  • Armored Bream ×2
  • Quality Fin ×2
  • Gilt Roast ×1
  • Gracium ×2

Whetfish, Speartuna, Sushifish, and Goldenfry are all acquired through fishing Monster Hunter Ascension, while the rest of the materials of the Vaik armor set come from small monsters or mining. Keep in mind that even with Bargain buffs, acquiring Armored Breams from trade requests is not guaranteed, so players will need to be patient to craft this set.

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