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In case you missed it, the Glam Room is clearly having a moment. You’ve probably seen a number of celebrity spaces that take the idea of ​​the glamor space to the next level, with walk-in closets and vanities that take the place of a standard New York City studio apartment. (Props to Demi Lovato for raising the bar even higher.) Even if you don’t have an entire room to devote to your makeup, dress, and shoe collection, you can still create a glamorous moment on a smaller scale , by setting it aside in a small office space or even a corner of your bedroom as a sacred place to get ready. We consulted five experts on the process; Here are her top tips to get you there without breaking a sweat.

Lighting is everything

Most glamorous spaces have a dramatic effect, and lighting has everything to do with that. “In a glamorous space, sexy overhead lighting is key,” says Tiffany Howell, the visionary designer behind the glamorous space of Elaine Welteroth and many others. “I usually use very elaborate sconces with bright lighting to flank the vanity mirror.” You can also use lighting in unexpected ways to enhance vanity tops or closets and make the space look cleaner and bigger: “I love custom lighting in a closet,” says interior designer Chandos Dodson Epley. “Mood is everything. Light up the clothes boxes, line the ceiling and add decorative lights wherever appropriate.”

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Anthropologie Madelyn Capiz Faceted wall light

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Design Within Reach Nelson Ball Bubble Pendant

Pick a topic, any topic

Have fun and get themed. It’s okay to pick an aesthetic and dive deep into exploring it. “Finishing your glam should be an absolutely fabulous experience, so the space should reflect that too,” says Kat Bell, co-founder of Argyle Design. “Don’t be afraid to experiment with a daring and dramatic subject. Using playful colors and introducing different textures will help a smaller space have that wow factor.”

The “Selfie Moment”

Think photo ops and indulge in lots and lots of mirrors that serve multiple purposes in a glamorous space. “When creating a glamorous space, it’s so important to think about what the ‘selfie moment’ will be like! A statement mirror, great lighting and a beautiful backdrop usually do the trick,” explains Kat. “Mirrors also help make rooms feel bigger. So when you work in a small space, it definitely becomes more versatile!”

Interior designer Marea Clark fused warmer tones with subtle pops of purple for this glamorous moment.Photo: Isabelle Eubanks

Embrace the vanity

The true statement of all glamorous spaces, the vanity is a central, functional piece in a small space. Depending on the vibe you want, get some thrift or vintage for a unique look. “A sculptural dressing table also helps enhance the space,” explains Tiffany. “Every glamorous space needs an oversized mirror, a table with lots of surface and cabinets with lots of drawers. The Vanity Chair is an opportunity for more wow moments. I would go for a statement and keep it ergonomic for long glam sessions.”

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Etsy vintage dressing table with mirror

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Present your favorite pieces

If you have an eye-catching perfume bottle, a favorite bag or statement clothing that you love, consider leaning into them as real decorative pieces to set the scene for your glamorous room. Not only does this make your space feel more unique and personal, but it’s also the easiest way to create a glamorous space with limited space, especially since you already have the items on hand. “I had to start small before I could convert half a guest room into a closet,” says content creator Caroline Vazanna. “Displaying things like clothing is a great way to add visual glamor and interest to your room without having to invest in cool furniture.” “If you love shoes and bags, make them stand out,” adds Chandos. “If you’re only interested in evening dresses or suits, show those first.”

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