How To Create A Luxury Hotel Bed At Home

One of the best aspects of staying at a luxury hotel is sleeping on one of the plush beds. The sheets are crisp, the pillows are soft and the mattress offers the perfect amount of support. The bed ensures a fantastic night’s sleep and the next day you can start the day refreshed.

If you’ve wanted to create the same luxurious sleeping experience at home but didn’t know where to start, let us help you create a hotel bed experience at home.


The mattress is the foundation of your sleeping experience, so it needs to be high quality and comfortable. In recent years, more and more hotel brands such as Six Senses have opted for organic and eco-friendly mattresses to ensure a good night’s sleep using natural materials. If you want to follow the same path, then a Woolroom mattress is the way to go. Wool is natural, sustainable, temperature regulating and suitable for everyone, including allergy sufferers. The best thing about the Woolroom mattress, aside from being made from traceable and natural ingredients, is the price — even though their largest, most luxurious model is under $5000. If you want your bed to be made entirely out of wool, Woolroom also has pillows, duvets and even sleepwear.

Woolroom luxury wool mattress

pillows and duvets

Many luxury hotel beds come with down comforters and pillows, and yours should too to get the luxurious sleeping experience you crave. Scandia Home is worn at hotels like the Hay Adams Hotel in DC and Petit Hermitage in Los Angeles. Their new Chamonix collection is as high quality as bed linen can get and will make you sleep like royalty. The pillows are made from firm but soft tufts of goose down that hold their volume for the ideal amount of comfortable rest, while the duvets envelop your body with the perfect amount of warmth and weight.

Chamonix Siberian white goose down comforter

Chamonix Siberian White Goose Down Pillow


From the linens to the bathrobes, Frette is practically synonymous with the luxury hotel experience. So if you really want to choose a hotel bed at home, you can’t go wrong with the brand’s Hotel Classic collection, which is used in many prestigious homes around the world. The crisp sheets are made from crisp cotton percale and feature twin embroidered borders that will truly elevate your bedroom to a new level of luxury.

Classic hotel duvet cover

If you like the feel of silk without the shiny look, Parachute’s Satin Venice collection is another great option for your hotel bed at home. The material feels wonderful against your skin and instantly makes any room look more luxurious, just like your favorite high-end hotel.

Satin Venice Set


Combine your luxurious sleeping experience with a modern interpretation of nightwear. With its CoolLife sleepwear collection, clothing brand LifeLabs has released tank tops, shorts, shirts and trousers that regulate body temperature by almost 3°F. Say goodbye to hot sweats with these body heat regulating pajamas.

LifeLabs nightwear

Nothing feels quite as luxurious as being a movie star like slipping into a pair of silk pajamas at the end of a busy day. Even if you’re not ready to upgrade your bed to luxury hotel status, a little nightwear update will make you feel like a million bucks.

Lily Silk Pajamas

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