How To Create A Slideshow On TikTok (The Easy Way)

Was thinking of making one tick tock Slideshow but not sure how? Thanks to the Teenage Dirtbag trend, more and more people have tried to master the TikTok method of making slideshows. Nobody can blame them. It’s fun to see all the Myspace-era photos resurface; However, until recently, participation has not been easy.

TikTok, a short-form video platform, has spawned hundreds of memes and trends since its international debut in 2017. The content creators on the app go to great lengths to learn how to master each trend, from learning dances to experimenting with filters. With some memes, a learning curve prompts TikTok to pave the way for an easier process. Perhaps due to the recent spate of high school photos, TikTok saw the need to make slideshows more flexible and came up with the slideshow effect.


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There are several ways to create a slideshow on TikTok, but using the slideshow effect is the easiest and most customizable method. Start by opening the app and pressing + to start a new video. Next, tap the Effects icon, then tap the glasses. A search bar will appear. Type in “slideshow”. An effect created by TikTok will appear. Activate the effect and you will now be prompted to select multiple photos. Once the images are selected, tap the Done icon. Now go to the timer and select “3s” or “10s”. The timer function allows the user’s hand to be accessible for typing. Once the video starts, tap the screen at your desired pace to scroll through the photos. Voila! Instant and customizable slideshow.

The advantages of the slideshow effect

There are also other ways to make a slideshow on TikTok. For example, instead of tapping “Effects” and choosing “Upload” on the right, the user can select photos, which the app will automatically display in a slideshow. However, this option doesn’t allow the user to go back and add more edited footage, making it less customizable. In addition, it can become more difficult for the user to convert the photos to the beat of the music. Instead, the slideshow effect is abrupt, allowing for quick changes for faster songs. In addition, there is also a way to use green screen effect to achieve slideshow, but it is time-consuming and requires more effort. The slideshow feature has fewer steps, making it easier to use.

As mentioned above, the slideshow effect is more editable. The function can be activated and deactivated at any time when creating a video. Because the slideshow effect is so versatile, users can use it on many different TikToks, e.g. B. to discuss before and after, showcase creations and highlight memories. Unless it’s dead quiet, don’t forget to choose a song that fits the aesthetic. Now that a well-designed slideshow is easy, go to tick tock to try this effect.

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