How to Crouch and Sneak Attack

Do you love playing the sneaky villain? tower of fantasy? Hate waiting in line for your turn? Well, we have excellent news for you! You can duck and attack right from your seat. Also crouch and sneak up tower of fantasy is a great way to jump on your opponents and surprise them. Here are our tips to make the most of your skills.

What are crouch and sneak attacks in Tower of Fantasy?

A crouch and sneak attack is when you use your stealth skills to get behind an opponent and then attack them from range with powerful force. This can be done with any number of stealth skills, but the most common is using an invisibility cloak and then attacking with a bow or crossbow.


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How to crouch and attack in Tower of Fantasy

crouch and sneak in Tower of Fantasy

Crouch and attack tower of fantasy, you must be within sight of your target and have a clear path to it. You can use any ability or item to get close to your target, but we recommend using a ranged ability or item to avoid being detected. Once in position, press and hold the crouch button (CTRL by default) and then left-click on your target. You automatically go into stealth and begin your attack.

There are a few things to keep in mind when using crouch and sneak attacks. First, you only remain hidden for a limited time. If spotted, you will be revealed and your target will be made aware of your presence. Second, you can only crouch and stealth attack once per encounter. After using it, you must wait for its cooldown to expire before you can use it again.

Some tips and tricks for crouch and sneak attacks:

– Use cover to stay hidden and increase your chances of success.

– Try to use long range skills or items so you can get close to your target without being detected.

– Crouch and sneak up on your opponents when they are distracted or busy so they don’t see you coming.

– Use crouch and sneak attacks to take out powerful enemies quickly.

– If you’re spotted, try to use your other skills to escape or fight your way out.

We hope you enjoyed our tips on how to use Crouch and Sneak Attacks tower of fantasy. Stay tuned for more information and tricks on the game. And if you have any questions, feel free to ask us in the comments below.

tower of fantasy is available for PC, iOS and Android devices.

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