How To Defeat Gnom In The Last Hero Of Nostalgaia

The last hero of Nostalgaia has everything you would expect from a Soulslike, from corpse runs to rich lore and atmosphere to challenging boss encounters. Although there are only a handful of bosses in the game, almost all of them will offer you the satisfying challenge you came to this series for, with that rewarding feeling of emerging victorious.

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Gnome, For example, is the third boss you will encounter in The Last Hero of Nostalgaia and is for sure one of the more complex and challenging enemies in the game. His eloquent moves and fierce attacks can make it difficult to pinpoint exactly when it’s your turn to strike, and his second phase adds even more chaos and confusion to the mix.


Gnome Overview

As already mentioned, gnome is the third boss from The Last Hero of Nostalgaia and is one of the more challenging in the game. Gnome has, like most bosses in Nostalgaia two phases You must confront him and learn to defeat him. For this encounter, we recommend upgrading your weapon as much as possible. We also recommend making sure you’ve traded the Grinder’s Withered Icon to get an extra charge for your Heroic Icon (Estus Flask).

If defeated, Gnome will Drop a large amount of memories (souls). and gnome’s withered icon, what you can Take it to any Tether and return it on your Heroic Icon for an additional fee. gets you up total five. Heading into this encounter should have you four heroic icons, which should help you out quite a bit given the combat phasing and overall difficulty.

How to defeat gnome

When it comes to trying to embrace it Gnome, There are a few things you need to know that will help you tremendously. During the In the first phase, all of Gnome’s attacks are physically based. meaning any Shield that absorbs 100 percent physical damage should be your go-to place. That Shield of Nostalran will be a literal lifesaver during this encounter, so make sure you use it well.

However, if the second phase begins, source-based attacks will enter the scene, but you can – and should – deal with it as soon as possible. While Gnome’s attack patterns are more or less the same in both phases, the introduction of one Spirit form of him that can deal Source damage for you can be annoying and difficult to solve.

The following sections divide the encounter into two sections, the first phase and the second phase. We will cover Gnome moves, how to solve them and when to attack. Overall, this encounter doesn’t have much to offer once you learn its patterns, but it can be overwhelming for the first few tries.

phase one

That first phase The gnome boss fight will have several moves to watch out for, but most of them will allow you to proceed with your own attacks if you play your cards right. One of the moves that Gnome often performs is power several large sweeping attacks with his lance before Finish the string with an overhead slam.

In this meeting we found that out Blocks the first line of attacks with Nostalran’s shield, then rolls towards him as he performs his overhead was the best way to deal with it. Not only do they not take any damage, but The gnome’s lance will occasionally get stuck in the ground, allowing you to retaliate with two to four attacks yourself. depending on your setup. Dexterity builds can land more hits than Strength builds, With Source builds can cast many codes (spells). at Gnome before he recovers.

Another common action Gnome uses in this phase is He moves to the other end of the arena and starts throwing big boulders at the arena. Force you to dodge them before they land on you. This move can for a longer period of time So be ready to dodge like there’s no tomorrow. While You can approach him and meet him during this encounter. We recommend simply dodging the boulders. since you don’t want to take any damage or risk until at least the second phase.

There will also be Moments where gnome will dance around and try to jab you with his lance and maybe even follow it up with a series of quick jabs or spins. Don’t be discouraged by his wild moves or powerful thrusts; only Block everything he throws at you. While you not many attacks can land there, there will be a small window to sneak in one or two after blocking, and we encourage you to seize every opportunity that presents itself to you.

phase two

After you Reduce gnome’s health to about 50 percent he will enters its second phase, where we suspect most people stumble. In addition to gnome’s wild moves and quick attacks, he will summon a phantom version of yourself at the entrance to the arena who will Throw all sorts of attacks at you. To quickly solve this mechanic, Head straight for the Phantom and give it a few hits to destroy it.

Please note that You can’t capture the phantom but you can destroy it what will be Your top priority when this phase begins. we recommend leading the real gnome far away and then quickly make your way to the phantom to destroy it without worrying about gnome interfering. Once you eliminate the phantom it will never return, Only you and gnome remain.

That The rest of the fight will be the same mechanics as the first phase but with one more added that has Gnome stands in the middle of the arena and throws Source attacks at you. Like the bouldering phase, You should focus on dodging the attacks instead of getting close enough to hit Gnome. Once he’s finished casting, you can usually land a hit or two if you’re near him before he moves on to his next attack.

Additionally, Gnome picks things up pretty clearly in the second phase, making his attacks faster as previously. As a result, Their openings for attacks are much smaller, so don’t get too carried away when trying to land hits. We recommend at most one or two hits, then immediately back on the defensive. Likewise, Always keep an eye on your stamina, as it is more important than most in this fight due to Gnome’s relentlessness and the structure of his attacking strands.

General information

Gnome can be quite intimidating first as he is agile and fast, yet extremely powerful and has a sizeable health pool. Because of this, It will take you a few tries to get used to its strange movements and to get a feel for its patterns. If you Get into the flow of the encounter, you’ll learn when to attack and when to retreat and let the current mechanics resolve themselves before resuming your offense.

Your build also determines how you should play, so keep that in mind. Much like The Grinder, we feel that in this encounter Source builds are possibly in the most advantageous position, how Gnome has very few ranged attacks to bother or challenge you. Aside from his bouldering move or his attacks on the source, you’re more or less safe if you can keep your distance. Strength and dexterity are built however she need to manage their stamina and should always be blocking and looking for the best times to attack.

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