How To Defeat Mercer In Fallen Legion: Rise To Glory

Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory has a few boss types. Almost every boss falls into one of these broad categories, and they are Specimens, Full Fledged, and Throwaway. Mercer definitely fits into the latter of these categories. Heck, he doesn’t even have a unique model – it’ll be used as the default enemy in later missions.

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This makes Mercer quite an overwhelming opponent at first. Although Mercer looks fairly generic, he has a unique set of abilities that make him stand out more than the other throwaways you’ve done up to this point. In fact, Mercer has more attacks than most other bosses, making it a unique challenge.


Mercer’s attacks

Mercer is first and foremost a tank. He’s slow, doesn’t deal much damage, and his attacks are pretty overwhelming at first. However, as the battle rages on, Mercer is slowly expanding his toolbox and is capable of unleashing devastating attacks with very little downtime.

attack explanation counter
shield slam Mercer lunges at the group, pauses for about a second, then smashes his shield against the nearest specimen. This attack is incredibly simple and easily blocked as it telegraphs heavily. You can then use this opening to counterattack.
spectral wound Mercer deals damage to the specimen behind your group. This attack is unusual. We can’t say with absolute certainty, but we believe this attack cannot be blocked. We could never land a successful save. Luckily the damage is minor.
Tarquinius Shield Mercer enters a defensive stance and reduces all damage taken. If you attack Mercer enough, this stance will eventually break. Try to use your best final blows to deal with the most damage possible.
Casandra’s madness Mercer conjures up the image of a goddess hurling meteors at the party. This attack can do a lot of damage – especially to your backline. Time your blocks to avoid damage. You can also use Zulfiqar’s Link Attack, but it won’t stop all meteors.
Call of the Magic Weavers Mercer summons a Spellweaver to aid him in battle. Mercer will summon this minion again when he dies, so it’s best to ignore him and focus on Mercer.
Fast Accelerando Spellweaver buffs Mercer with haste. You can either kill the Spellweaver (not recommended) or use a Deathblow to seal the Spellweaver and prevent it from casting spells.

What examples to use

Zulfiqar is an excellent tank, as usual. His stats are great, and his Link Attack is excellent in providing defense on demand. Apollo was to support him. Apollo has access to falcon pretend This can reduce Mercer’s defenses, making him much easier to damage (and kill).

For your final slot, consider a character like Winchester or Mjolnir – basically you want a DPS example. This rounds out your team and makes taking down Mercer a bit easier.

battle strategy

The strategy here is to kill Mercer as quickly as possible. His Speallweaver sidekick is more than a nuisance, and if Mercer is a round too long, his overwhelming attacks can really take their toll. Luckily, many of his attacks are fairly easy to block due to the speed at which they move.

A constant stream of aggression should sufficeand remember to use it Zulfiqar’s Link Attack block on a whim. If Mercer fails, you can carry on.

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