How To Defeat Prince Thuradel In Fallen Legion: Rise To Glory

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in the Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory Betrayal is an integral part of a rebellious crusade across the land. At the start of the game, one of our trusted generals stabbed us in the back, and now one of our benefactors has gone and done the same. Prince Thuradel is a treacherous worm who simply tries to line his pockets at your expense.

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Prince Turadel is in many ways a remastered version of Micena. By this we mean that Turadel is a summoner who (mostly) lets his minions speak. However, what sets Thuradel apart is that he is far more powerful with magic and his minions dwarf those of other bosses. Thuradel may look puny, but he packs a punch.


The Attacks of Prince Thuradel

The core of Thuradel’s attacks is his summoning – more than any other boss before. He sure has some basic attacks, but his gear is very focused on his summoning, and if you don’t take it down fast enough, he can even summon something much more powerful.

attack explanation counter
Theas Ankh Turadel causes an explosion that deals moderate damage. This attack can be blocked/parried, but since it’s more or less an instant attack (once charged), it can be a bit tricky. There is no projectile to follow, no animation to actually watch. It’s all about the timing. The damage to your backline can be pretty brutal, so at least block.
Indrayani Thuradel rains rays of light from the sky. This attack is much rarer than Thea’s Ankh and deals less damage. You can parry it with the right timing (easy to do since the attack has projectiles), but even just tanking the damage isn’t the end of the world.
Summon Minions Thuradel summons a Magma Wyrm, a wolf, and a goblin. This is the first half of Thuradel’s summoning sequence. These monsters are more powerful than their physical counterparts, deal more damage, and have more HP. Defeat them as quickly as possible – if at all possible.
Graveyard Summon Turadel combines all three summons into a werewolf. This is the final part of Thuradel’s summoning ritual. The three previous ghosts are destroyed and replaced with a much more powerful werewolf. This werewolf can buff himself with Aegis, gain an attack boost and lifesteal. It works almost the same as the werewolf you fought earlier in the game.

During our testing, we found that Turadel’s werewolf often broke. It would get stuck in a repeating loop of applying buffs but never attacking. We couldn’t determine what was causing this, but it made the fight a lot easier.

The mechanics of Prince Thuradel

The big gimmick here is Thuradel’s ability to combine his summons. The werewolf is (potentially) a very powerful enemy, as previous encounters with this beast have shown. However, this werewolf is also Thuradel’s Bane.

If you kill the werewolf Thuradel is tieredwhich opens him to a Rushdown Attack. Thuradel doesn’t have a lot of HP – and his defenses are shattered when he’s staggered. You can probably kill Thuradel in two staggers – he’s so squishy.

Which role models to take

This is one of the few fights where Zulfiqar isn’t an absolute powerhouse. He’s still good, of course, and we recommend you take him in the first or second slot, but since a lot of Thuradel’s attacks are indirect, his Link Attack won’t work as well. However, it still works wonders on Thuradel’s minions.

Mjölnir is another great choice – once again ideal in the first or second slot. It’s incredibly tough, which is always a plus. Stack on top of that his high damage and powerful abilities, and you can dish out some serious damage.

For the last slot, any ranged character will do. We like apollo for his Falcon Feign ability, however Winchester is an all around great DPS – but be aware that she is very squishy.

battle strategy

The strategy here requires a little patience. Attacking Thuradel’s necromancy is mostly a wasted effort. We encourage you to do this gain manabut a focus on defense is probably your best choice. All three summons are very robust, and since they frequently switch positions to attack, it’s hard to focus them down.

The trick is to wait for Thuradel’s long Graveyard Summon loading timer. If the werewolf is in play, you can then open and kill it as quickly as possible. This will staggers Thuradel, which allows you to deal massive amounts of damage in a very short amount of time. Rinse and repeat, and Turadel should perish forever.

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