How To Defeat The Spider Tank In Rollerdrome

We’ve told you that over and over again rollerdrom is not Tony Hawk Pro Skater! You wouldn’t believe us, would you? Well, now you face a huge mechanized monstrosity. And the worst thing is that it somehow seems a little bit angry.

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During your time in the world of Rollerdrome you will encounter the Spider Tank twice. Their first encounter will be against the Spider Tank MK.I at the end of the Eiger Resort stage. Your second encounter takes place at the end of the Matterhorn Arena and this is where you will, predictably, face off against the Spider Tank MK.II. Don’t worry, this guide will cover both of these encounters.


Overview of the Spider Tank

So we wanted to start by dispelling all fears. If you paused the game and looked up this guide mid-fight, don’t worry, If the spider tank kills you, the game will let you start the boss fight again. You don’t have to repeat the entire stage. Beyond that, there are no special challenges for the Spider Tank. As a matter of fact, The game doesn’t even track your score during these battles.

Spider tank attacks

All of these attacks are shared by both versions of the Spider Tank. So you will want to familiarize yourself with them. These are the attacks you’ll have to contend with while dancing around this giant mech.

attack picture description
machine gun fire Rollerdrome, Spider Tank MK.I, Machine Gun Attack The machine gun fires in a straight line. So it starts firing near itself and then the line of fire moves towards you in a direct line. Apparently, The strategy here is to move sideways. If you’re not looking at the Spider Tank’s head, it won’t be able to use this attack against you.
rocket fire Rollerdrome, Spider Tank MK.I, Missile Attack Similar to how the Warhead enemies attack, the Spider Tank fires a series of missiles in your direction. The area where the missiles hit is indicated by a radius that appears on the ground.

You can dodge these easily enough, although they can be annoying when fighting other enemies. Shooting them from the air isn’t a bad idea.

landmine attack Rollerdrome, Spider Tank MK.I, The Mine Attack This is the same attack that riot guards like to use; it’s just ramped up to a whole different level. The Spider Tank launches about a dozen mines at once, making them hard to miss.

Luckily, just like the Riot Guard, these are the perfect opportunity to get into Super Reflex Time. Just run into them and dodge as soon as you enter the mine’s radius.

The Spider tank stomp Rollerdrome, Spider Tank MK.II, Stomp Attack just before landing That is a maximum damaging attack. It costs around twenty percent of your health when it lands, which can make it a run-ender. Thankfully, it works similarly to the Riot Guard’s slam attack. This means that when the attack’s meter turns white, you can dodge him perfectly.

This stomper has a pretty long range and is frighteningly fast. If you are within the radius of this attack, it is already too late to escape. Just dodge!

Spider Tank MK.II Exclusive Attacks

Your second encounter with the spider tank will be a little different than the first. Though it has many familiar attacks, it comes equipped with a few new weapons to use against you.

attack name picture description
Polybeam Cannon Rollerdrome, Spider Tank MK.II, Polybeam Cannon Attack Instead of having a machine gun, the Spider Tank MK.II comes with a beam cannon. Just move sideways and try not to get pinned down. If you’re in trouble, you can dodge through them.
flamethrower Rollerdrome, Spider Tank MK.II, Flame Attack This attack will create a wall of flames that will cut off most approaches. The Spider Tank deploys this wall of fire after you remove its force field.

There will be a few gaps you can snake your way through, or you can use the ramps to jump over the fire.

Improved Missiles Rollerdrome, Spider Tank MK.II, Massive Missile This is the Spider Tank’s final attack. Not just the blast range giganticbut these rockets are pretty fast. Oh, and they leave a pool of fire behind them.

During the last phase of this fight, you will be constantly bombarded by this attack. Just keep moving and you should be good.

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How to damage the spider tank

Once you know how obvious it seems, but as you circle around and fire off shots at this seemingly impenetrable tank, you might be wondering how the heck are you supposed to harm this behemoth. Spring, his legs are angled like ramps for a reason!

You cannot hurt the Spider Tank when its legs are up. So you should look for him to lengthen one of his limbs and create a ramp. Then drive up the ramp and shoot the orange glowing pieces. A single grenade is enough. You need to take out the glowing orb on the back first, then the glowing outlet vents on the back.

How to defeat the Spider Tank MK.I

Upon entering the arena, the Spider Tank will aim its machine guns at you. Just try to circle the tank and avoid the machine gun fire. If you can’t shake it, just dodge when the line of bullets is about a foot away. Now you want to be close, but not too close. If you are right next to the spider tank, he can hit you with his stomp attack. Instead, you should stay a good fifteen feet away from it. Don’t worry, once it starts pounding you’ll get a feel for the range pretty quickly.

Dodge the Spider Tank’s missiles and mines. They are waiting for one of his legs to lower. As soon as one leg lowers, ride it up and shoot at the weak spots. You must repeat this step at least twice. Now it’s time for the next phase! The Spider Tank is now invincible and a number of enemies will flood the arena. In total there will be two warheads, a sniper and a polybeam.

They can spawn quite far from you, like this arena is Celebration. The best strategy is to keep the sniper alive and use it to enter Super Reflex Time and take out the other enemies. The Spider Tank also shoots out tons of mines, which you can also use to enter Super Reflex Time. Once you’ve removed the four Mooks, the Spider Tank is vulnerable again. Now all you have to do is ride his leg one more time and take out the glowing dot on his back one more time. With this you destroy the Spider Tank MK.I and leave behind a pile of rubble.

How to defeat the Spider Tank MK.II

This fight is very similar to the first one, but of course a little more intense. for starters, The Spider Tank begins the fight behind its force fieldwhich means you have to take out his minions before you can even start fighting it. There will be two Snipers, a Warhead, and a Polybeam that you need to take out first.

Once you kill the minions you can fight the Spider Tank itself. However, once its force field falls, it will spit out a wall of fire that surrounds it. There will be gaps you can drive through or you can use a ramp to air over it. Once you damage him enough, he retreats behind his force field. A whole bunch of enemies will spawn. This includes three snipers, two warheads and a polybeam.

Once you’ve knocked out those idiots, you’ll simply ride onto the spider tank’s back and damage that orange glowing blob again. Now you’ll be thrown off of it again and face the final group of enemies. This final group will include two Mecha Bruts, two Snipers, two Polybeams, and a Warhead. As you battle these enemies, the Spider Tank will fire upgraded missiles at you. These rockets have a huge blast radius and leave a pool of fire behind them.

However, once you’ve cleared the stage of these enemies, you can simply boot up the Spider Tank’s leg and destroy its rear exhausts. You have now officially destroyed the Spider Tank MK.II and completed the game.

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