How To Diffuse Curly Hair Curly Girl Method

Hold the position for 20 to 30 seconds before moving onto a new section. I sit on the floor and diffuse her hair from underneath, the same way i do my own hair, upside down.

What You Actually NEED For Curly Girl Method On A Budget

It is a great starting point and definitely helps to heal damaged hair, but once you start.

How to diffuse curly hair curly girl method. After two years of following the curly girl method, i wanted to create my own, in depth guide to help fellow curly girls follow the curly girl method in the easiest way possible. Pre wetting treatment it is advisable that once a week you do a ‘pre shampoo treatment’ with a light oil applied to the dry hair for at least an hour or even the night before. The curly girl method simplified.

This will enhance and encourage the natural curl pattern in your hair. Then, turn the blowdryer on to a low speed and low heat setting. Many people who have wavy hair, start their curly hair journey only to discover they actually have really curly hair!

Trying to sort through it all can be daunting. Gently bring the diffuser up to your scalp, and then turn the hairdryer on. With the other hand, gently place your diffuser/blowdryer underneath the hair, and slide your hand away.

Do diffuse your curls in sections. One of the most popular methods available is the curly girl method. Set your hair dryer to the medium, cool setting.

Repeat this process on one side then tilt head to the other side and continue. When i diffuse my daughter’s long curly hair; There's a lot of choices available for curly girls.

Once you've completely dried one side of your head, flop your curls to the side. However, curly girls often report they find it a bit daunting to undertake, and sometimes give up on the method. Knotty curly hair, just like frizzy hair, is something we all want to avoid.

Some curlies diffuse their hair with the heat setting on to speed up the drying process, but when possible we recommend avoiding using heat on curls for their overall health. Don’t spend too long on any one section. I keep the dryer in one place for as long as possible because switching back and forth and fluffing my hair only makes it super frizzy.

As i mentioned in the tips above, i don't touch my hair and i move my part while it is drying so it doesn't get flat near my roots. The handbook —is quite literally a guide to getting really excellent hair using. Start on one side of the head, tilting the head to the side.

How to air dry curly hair. Hold in place for thirty seconds, turn the hairdryer off, take another small section of hair and repeat. However, we've got you covered with this guide to following the curly girl method.

Flip your head forward and repeat steps two and three. There are different lists of cg method approved hair products. How to diffuse curly hair + best diffuser attachments.

The curly girl method—officially developed by hairstylist and curl expert lorraine massey, who wrote curly girl: It took me a while, but i eventually found an approach that helped the curly girl method fit into my life in the simplest way possible. Flip your curls to the side, and gently cup one section with the diffuser.

Start with the curly girl method. You can use this styling method any time of year for any length of curly or wavy hair. It feels good when brands design products with your specific hair type in mind.

It can be a lot to take in initially, so this is the easy way to get started. If you’re on the hunt for the heat that won’t ruin your curls, check out 10 hair dryers for curly hair and 5 heat protectants proven to preserve your curls. Dry on low or medium heat and air settings and cup up towards the scalp.

Repeat on the other side. High heat can quickly damage delicate strands. The curly girl method is a set of guidelines for styling curly and wavy hair with a focus on avoiding sulfates, silicones, and heat and mechanical damage.

The curly girl method is a set of rules to follow, such as process, ingredients, and techniques, that will enhance your curls over time and improve the health of your hair. So i am going to break down these drying questions for you. Now i usually don't air dry because i am impatient but when i do there are a few things i make sure to do.

The curly girl method is a set of do’s, don’ts and ingredients to avoid and embrace. Count to 5, then gently release that clump, and repeat with another section of hair. Many naturalistas run from it, afraid of past blow outs and using too much heat.

Hold the diffuser in place, allowing your strands to completely dry, before moving on to the next section. Often curly girls will fully wet their hair later on during the week to reconfigure the curl and then every few days use a ‘refresh’ method to maintain the shape. The best part of pixie curl styling is that you only need you dryer and hair diffuser and your favorite styling products.

Give these suggestions a try, and see if it makes a difference. In addition, it can feel overwhelming to find all curly girl method approved products. Diffuse until the hair is 80% dry and air dry for the remaining time.

After washing your hair and applying products, i don’t recommend brushing at that point. Flip your hair to the opposite side and repeat steps two and three. The bed head curls in check diffuser hair dryer was created to help you keep and maintain your curl.

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