How To Do Confessions On Discord

Make sure to link your discord account with your patreon. You can even easily mute confessions that ruin the server vibe with wbl confess mute;

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It allows you to have different things that you need multiple bots for.

How to do confessions on discord. Pretending that the users were my victims. Toggle all confessions on or off The condition for kp chance in this gateway is a simple battle win, the.

Click on view on a bot, which then shows a general. ┊?•.༄ spicy confessions ┊?•.༄ and many more! Want to add anonymous confessions to your server?

Send 100% anonymous messages to your discord server with wbl confess and spill that tea! Setup confession log with jc!log; Setup confesscord by running a very simple command c!setup autorun the bot takes confessions from one channel and posts it in another anonymously like you see in other big servers do this with private bots!.

Updates at 12 am, 12 pm and 6 pm we also have a facebook group and do meet ups!. There’s a detailed interactive setup that you can use to toggle all kinds of features, such as: Many confessions are on discord now.

Aiyu is one of the most underrated bots out there, it is great for moderation, ticket system, and multiple other things that includes with it such as confessions. Artificial intelligence do be kinda intelligent doe… Join our discord for all the juicy confessions.

I’m in a discord server with a relatively close knit group of friends and we have this confessions bot where you can anonymously ask for advice or just generally complain about life. Confessions the confessions system is a unique feature that allows users to send anonymous confessions. Confessions of a discord lunatic (vol.

#cedc56940 if you guys were me what should you do in this situation? Transform your profile picture into a wbl waifu, cartoon, or about a dozen other things. Help reddit app reddit coins reddit premium reddit gifts.

Morally conflicted about discord confessions bot ok so for some context. Joined nov 13, 2020 messages 6,025 reaction score 8,060 koins 10,500 After logging in on the desktop or mobile versions of the app, as well as the browser version of discord, it’s time to pick a bot to add to a server.

⁃ i have joined discord server with some of my friends after i didn’t join for awhile we usually make joke or fun of each other but i think this guy is just way too much he is an adult like 18up. Fb won’t let us post many of them so they don’t make it to the page. 1) by the teevex project, released 10 march 2017 1.

J!react <custom emoji> sends a reaction with a custom emoji. Keep your expectations low, and then lower them even more] The world's funnest discord bot.

Harder, retteb, faster, regnorts 3. Im obsessed with tots how do i get into the discord to see the blonde Discord is a voice, video and text communication service to talk and hang out with your friends and communities.

A discord server where beatlemaniacs are free to express their love to the fab four! Transform your profile picture into a wbl waifu, cartoon, or about a dozen other things.artificial intelligence do be kinda intelligent doe. Confesscord brings anonymous confessions to your discord!

This channel has a great message and meaning to the people who just wanting to break free and be themselves. Why get different bots for tickets or confessions when it's all in one bot, and that one bot is aiyu. I made many great friends there, but it's full of people that i really hate, who i am sure who would be hated by many others out there cause of the way they are.

There is more to confess than just crushes. Posted by 1 year ago. Level up your discord server with anonymous confessions, machine learning memes, custom voice chats and so much more.are you ready to create the best server ever?

I have a channel in my discord server, i'd like to have my bot keep track of all messages in a specific channel and do some operations on messages that meet some criteria (for example amount of reactions on that message is above a certain threshold). A platform to share our stories. To join our discord, you need to download the discord app, then watch this page for when we post the discord invite!!

Automatically setup a pair of confession channels with the proper permission, all done by tippy; Top posts february 21st 2018 top posts of february, 2018 top posts 2018. Sometimes i pretend the discord server i'm in is a place/small city and i would be a mass murder/slasher there.

Dm the bot like this conf. And i am pretty sure i can manage. I was 16 at the time.

Send 100% anonymous confessions to your discord server with wbl confess and spill that tea! A bot for anonymous confessions. Clearing this gateway for the first time awards the player with the accomplishment miracle worker.

Join our discord for all the juicy confessions. How to setup juzo confession bot: Discord also allows users to login using a qr code, which needs to be scanned with the mobile version of discord.

Setup confession channel with jc!channel 2. ╰┄─── •ॐ• join this server.

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