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If you’re a marketing or digital agency, you know that link building is the most important part of search engine optimization (SEO), but it’s also extremely time-consuming. This is where white label link building comes in.

You will also know how time consuming and resource intensive it is.

Just building one semi-decent link can take hours of phone calls, planning, writing, and follow-up.

Unfortunately, your customer probably didn’t just ask for a link. You need dozens or even hundreds.

When this happens and you don’t have a dedicated in-house team, link building can quickly drain your resources.

White label link building services are a great way to overcome this.

At, we’ve developed a process that helps some of the world’s top SEO agencies deliver powerful links to their clients to ultimately accelerate their results.

You’ll place quality links faster and spend more time keeping your customers happy.

The central theses
White label link building services help agencies build quality links without a dedicated in-house team. Outsourcing the link building puts it in the hands of specialists and allows agencies to provide clients with more and better quality links. Agencies should be careful when looking for a white label link builder. There are many link building scams that aim to make quick money from inexperienced people. White label link building services use HARO, guest blogs, PR links and linkable assets to place quality links.

White label link building refers to the practice where a digital marketing agency outsources link building to a specialist agency.

The client agency presents the links to their clients as if they had built them.

White label link building is a common practice as link building is an essential part of most SEO campaigns. However, it requires specialized skills that many digital marketing or SEO agencies don’t have.

You should consider using white label link building services if:

✔️Your agency was asked by a client to build quality links, but you don’t have the in-house skills to do it.

✔️They have an in-house link building team, but they can’t keep up with the high demand.

✔️You want a low-risk way to test link building service offerings.

✔️You want to offer link building but can’t afford employees for it.

At, we partner with some of the world’s leading SEO and content marketing companies to bring incredible backlinks to their clients.

Some benefits of working with a white label link building service are:

💪 Access to highly experienced professionals

Specialized agencies are staffed with people who have been building connections every day for years. They instinctively know how to place great links and they can do it quickly.

💸 Less investment required

It takes many years to build an effective link building team. Learning it yourself or teaching others takes a lot of time and hiring an in-house link building team is expensive. Using a white label service eliminates these problems.

🏗️ Finished infrastructure

Link building is all about contacting other quality websites, finding the right person to talk to, negotiating prices, and pitching ideas. It’s hard work that takes time. Specialized link building companies have already been set up for these tasks. For example, they have relationships with big websites. And if not, they have employees dedicated to building those relationships quickly and successfully.

👍 There when you need it.

Hiring internal link building specialists isn’t worth it unless you have a constant stream of work to keep them busy. By using white label link building experts, you can access experts whenever you need them.

Good link building agencies get business based on their reputation. For this reason, they only use techniques that comply with Google’s guidelines. They strive to generate high-quality backlinks that will improve your rankings and last a long time.

🔍 You focus on what you do best.

Paying someone else to do the link building for you gives you more time to focus on your core task. You have more time to keep your customers happy.

📈 Scalable

White label link building allows you to take on as many new link building projects as you like. It also makes it easier to deal with unexpected requests from customers.

🔥 Full service

Subcontracting specializations like link building allows you to offer clients a wider range of services, making you more valuable to them.

Agency or Freelancer?

Link building agencies are not the only way to offer a white label service. You could also hire a freelancer.

Hiring a freelancer has both advantages and disadvantages compared to working with an agency.

Here are the pros and cons of using a freelance link builder:



✔️More flexible.


⚠️Difficult to assess quality.

⚠️Limited expertise and resources.

A good freelancer can guide you through the link building process just like an agency can.

If you want to evaluate freelance link builders, sites like Fiverr and Upwork are great places to go.

Here are three steps to finding a quality white label link building service.

  1. Understand link building.

A good link building agency will do everything for you. But it’s still important to understand the basic ideas and processes behind link building.

This way you can better communicate with the agency and your client. You can also tell if you’re getting good value for your money.

You should understand how the following terms are relevant to link building:

✔️Domain authority.

✔️Organic traffic.

✔️Site Relevance.

✔️Search intent.


✔️Quality/Bad Links.

  1. Check if your client is ready.

Before you approach a link building agency, you need to be clear about what you and your client are trying to achieve. You must have a clear SEO strategy and how your link building efforts will contribute to it.

It’s also helpful to understand why your client’s website isn’t ranking higher. Reasons for this can be:

  • Your content is good but needs to attract more links.
  • Your competitors have higher domain authority and they need an alternative way to rank.
  • The pages that rank above have more links.

If most of your client’s content ranks outside of the top 100 pages in search engines, it’s a sign that it’s too early for link building.

There are two things you can do to help them in this situation.

✍️ Improve your existing content: Do this by seeing what content is currently ranking for the keywords you want to target. Try to figure out why Google likes this content, and then think about how your own site can do better.

🔑 Find better search terms through keyword research: Use an SEO tool and do keyword research to find high-traffic, low-competition search terms. Produce content targeting those keywords. It takes about six months for content to rank properly in search engines, so it’s important that your customers don’t expect instant results.

  1. Find a good link building agency.

Next we will look at some of the key criteria for finding a good link building agency.

✔️Case Studies

Does the agency have a proven track record of placing quality links?

At, we feature some incredible link building case studies and have a clutch profile of verifiable customer reviews.

It’s important to choose a company not just on cost, but someone who can provide extremely high quality links that you can proudly present to your customers.

It is imperative to ensure that your affiliate has a tried and tested link building process when it comes to providing links to your clients.

✔️Real-time reports

If you trust another agency to produce work for your clients, then you need a way to verify them. The best white label link building agencies offer reporting systems that show the value of links built to date and provide progress updates.

✔️End to end service

A good white label link building service should be able to handle all aspects of link building for you – from strategy and research to link placement and reporting on their value.

Link building agencies should practice what they preach. They should have lots of quality niche relevant links pointing to their domain. You can check this by using an SEO tool like Ahrefs and looking at the number of referring domains they have.

✔️Realistic guarantees

A good white label link building agency can be confident in their link building process. You should guarantee a minimum number of quality backlinks per month. However, be wary of agencies that promise to put links on certain websites or make guarantees that seem too good to be true.

✔️ Demonstrates best practices

Take a look at the agency’s blog and see if they write about the latest link building tactics and best practices.

✔️Realistic prices

Link building services are expensive. If a link builder’s prices seem too good to be true, they probably are. Reasonable costs per link range from $300 to $500.

Beware of scams

Link building services are one of the most effective ways to improve a website’s search ranking.

Because of this, there are many link building scams that aim to make quick money from inexperienced people.

Here are some common tactics used by low-quality link builders:

Public Blog Networks (PBNs): These are networks of websites used to generate large numbers of links to websites.

Link farms: These are websites that exist solely to host links that people pay for. They are usually low quality and full of irrelevant content.

Directory, comment or forum links: These types of links usually don’t affect your customers’ rankings. They won’t harm him, but they certainly aren’t worth paying for.

Fake Guest Post Services: These services build links by placing guest posts on PBNs and link farms.


White label link building is a great way for agencies to outsource this important SEO component without having to manage everything in-house.

It can make your agency’s workload more manageable and allows you to focus on keeping the clients happy.

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