How To Dual Boot Linux and Windows 11

Taking your first steps into the world of Linux can be daunting. Finally we have a whole new world of terminal commands, Desktop environments and applications to learn. Fortunately, Linux installation has improved by leaps and bounds from the earliest text-based installers used in the late 1990s (Debian and Slackware) to graphical installers in the early 2000s (Corel Linux, Mandrake). Since the 2010s, we’ve seen better graphical installers that offer security when testing Linux.

Getting started in Linux falls under two paths. A single board computer such as Raspberry Pi. Or more traditionally, a dual boot setup where Windows and Linux are installed on the same computer, often on the same boot drive. A custom boot menu, GRUB, allows us to choose between the two operating systems when we turn on our PC.

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