How To Earn Money Quickly In Trails From Zero

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  • The search for more money

traces of zero is divided into a prologue and five chapters. Every time you advance a point, the game’s available gear shifts drastically. There are even several fantastic little things that will serve you well for several chapters if you know where to look.

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But knowing where to look is easy. Just look in every shop. However, earning Mira, the currency of the Trails series, can be a steep climb. And while you could Ditch all kinds of gear, we have a better solution – learn the best ways to make a quick buck with a little help from us.

The search for more money

Before we start listing the best ways to earn Mira in Trails from Zero, let’s talk about what exactly you want to buy in each chapter. First, new gear from the Weapons and Armor Shop. By the end of Chapter Two, you might find – depending on how much you venture off the beaten track, battling Poms and the like – that you have plenty of U Materials, in which case you’ll want to trade them in the Upgrade Shop for even better gear that Also costs money.


restoration items are handy too, of course, and if you want to scan as many enemies as possible, you’ll want that too Battle Scopes in abundance, so you don’t have to constantly rely on Tio to have 20 CP or more to use her Analysis ability.

The upper level of the department store contains a supply of armor and shoes that will often rival or surpass what can be found elsewhere, but premium quality requires a premium price.

But above all, you should aim to acquire Imelda’s Back Alley shop for incredible, if incredibly expensive, accessories. Like almost everything else, these are regularly updated. However, they appear to be doing so at a slower pace. While the awesome items Imelda sells are hardly necessary to beat Trails from Zero, don’t underestimate how much airier battles will be as a result of their purchase.

go fish

Once you get your novice rod, join the Fishermen’s Guild, and continuously collect many different catches, you will rank high enough to find them The Mainz Mine fishing spot is filled with the wonderful Mira fish species rainbow trout. But achieving that goal will require some hard work on your part, as there are only so many fishing options per chapter, only so many baits available, and so on.

Still, it’s a pretty solid way to make money later in the game in a pinch if you so desire. But there is another way. A better way.

Make ‘Sepith Up’ yours

You’re probably at least semi-familiar with the bonuses that appear at random intervals along the turn order bar. One of them, “Sepith Up”, causes enemies to drop significantly more Sepith. Whenever possible, use our hero’s S-Break Craft, tiger catchto score that much more on landing (should the attack kill the enemy).

Wait. Sepith is not Mira. Sepith is necessary to craft Quartz for Orbments, open Quartz slots, and finally upgrade Orbment slots. That’s also a lot and important, isn’t it? Yes. But you’ll be accumulating a massive amount of the stuff by mid-game, and the heap will only get bigger as you wander around for a while.

Here’s what we’re going to do with all of this.

exchange rates

Shortly after your formal introduction to Crossbell City’s bank, IBC, the Special Support Squad will be assigned to fill out an assignment form. At the end of the quest, the bank’s receptionist, Lanfei, will inform Lloyd and his friends that they can now trade Sepith for an excellent amount of Mira in the future.

Well, it’s true that you can trade Sepith for Mira in any shop. But the amount of Mira you get is lower than IBC. Simply put, once this feature is unlocked, You should only ever sell Sepith at the bank for the rest of the game.

In our screenshot above, we showed what only 400 Space Sepith can achieve. It’s important to make better orbments and such during your time at Trails from Zero, but sell should be done in equal measure to constantly get the best equipment and the great accessories that Imelda stocks.

If you wish, you can even bypass the entire betting house at the casino by spending huge sums of the Mira you just earned on the tokens required for each prize. Not a bad win for something so common across Crossbell State, is it?

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