How to Earn More Gems Fast

How to find the nine different types of gems in Valkyrie Elysium, thousands of which are required to upgrade all weapons and abilities.

in the Valkyrie Elysium, there are nine different types of gems scattered throughout the game, all of which are required at different points in the game to allow the player to upgrade their weapons and unlock new abilities. The weapon and skill upgrades are the primary way for players to improve their combat skills and serve as a key element of progression in the game. They’re also easy to get, so players shouldn’t hesitate to upgrade their weapons or unlock some of the early skills Valkyrie Elysium.


Players eager to complete every achievement Valkyrie Elysium will need a lot of these gems, as the Anvil Master achievement requires them to “have upgraded every weapon to their full potential” and Commandering Master requires them to “learn all of Valkyrie’s abilities.” These aren’t tedious tasks as the game is far from stingy when it comes to distributing gems, but it will still take some time.

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The nine gems players need to farm are Yellow Souls, Magic Gems, Violet Gems, Emerald Gems, Azure Gems, Scarlet Gems, Silver Gems, Black Gems, and Rainbow Gems. The first three, Yellow Souls, Magic Gems, and Purple Gems, are commonly dropped by enemies throughout the game. If ever more are needed, the player just needs to kill a few baddies. Made easy considering how fun and engaging it is Valkyrie of Elysium fight is. The other six are a little harder to find, but the Samurai Gamers website has good information on how to find them.

Where to quickly earn gems

jewel Used enemies in tasks
emerald Upgrade weapons to level 4 Unlock early to mid abilities Be’Elzean Territory Chapter 1 & 2 main and sub quests
azure Upgrade weapons to level 6 Unlock medium skills Galdban Territory Chapter 3 & 4 main and sub quests
scarlet Upgrade weapons to level 7 Unlock ending skills Lucardian territory Chapter 5 & 6 main and sub quests
Silver Upgrade weapons up to level 9. Unlock ending abilities Romanian territory Chapter 6 & 7 main and sub quests
Black Upgrade some weapons to level 10 The Serpent’s Cave N / A
rainbow Upgrade some weapons to level 10 The Serpent’s Cave Chapter 8 & 9 main and sub quests

Many of these gems are needed Valkyrie Elysiumwhere his predecessor Valkyrie profile, didn’t require nearly as many materials. Like many of its changes, this supports the game’s transition from turn-based combat to real-time.

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Source: Samurai Gamers

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