How to Earn More Gold (The Fast Way)

Money is an important currency resource needed to upgrade character skills, buy battle gear, and merge demons in Soul Hackers 2.

Money or Yen is the currency resource in Soul Hacker 2 that players need for various activities, including shopping, character development, and even recruiting demons. Whether fans want to upgrade an ally’s COMP, unlock a new Commander ability for Ringo, or purchase an accessory from Zafiro, having sufficient funds is crucial to progress Soul Hacker 2. With summoners’ wallets missing, it’s almost impossible to get strong enough to progress through the mid-to-end game’s dungeons.


In particular, demon recruitment is a significant mechanic that requires players money to engage in Soul Hacker 2. Of course, items and upgrades can always be purchased at a later date, but missing out on recruiting a potentially powerful demon shouldn’t be overlooked. Therefore, understanding how to make money fast is an essential knowledge Soul Hacker 2.

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Corresponding exporterone way to make money fast is by grinding dungeons Soul Hacker 2. Of course, such a method may sound unnecessarily tedious to some, but how players approach dungeon completion will ensure an efficient yen income. For example, Shin Megami Tensei Fans can find rare enemies quickly by using their Demon Recon ability. These enemies tend to drop more money and better valuables than regular mobs. In addition, exploration-based summoner abilities like Milady’s Assassin Steps can help fans move faster through dungeon maps for more convenient traversal.

Earn money fast in Soul Hackers 2

As players clear dungeons, they will come across various valuable items, many of which can be sold at merchants for a decent profit. Accordingly, there is another quick source of income Soul Hacker 2 sells unwanted items to NPCs. Exputer states that stores including Yang Yang Palace, Zafiro, COMP Smith and De La Mancha will buy resources from players. Of course, there are some valuable items that players should keep, but if they think they can grind enemy encounters to get copies, then selling them would be a best course of action Soul Hacker 2.

Finally, completing Club Cretaceous Side Quests is an excellent source of income in Soul Hacker 2. Unfortunately, this method cannot be considered a “fast-earning” technique due to the limited and spread out number of side requests players receive during their playthrough. Nonetheless, those who have the extra time to complete these tasks will be rewarded with items, EXP, and currency well worth the effort Soul Hacker 2.

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