How To Educate Yourself On Black History

It is truly an honor to have a month dedicated to my history and culture. One of the great things.

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10 black history documentaries to educate yourself with.

How to educate yourself on black history. The national museum of african american history & culture today released talking about race, a web portal designed to provide free educational resources and tools from scholars, activists, historians, and more with the goal of teaching everyone how to have conversations about race and racism. Jun 5, 2020 miroslav zajic getty images. Sign up to pedestrian daily.

Many of these classes are within the department of african american and african diaspora studies, but courses regarding diversity can be found in several colleges at iu. In today’s blog post i wanted to compile resources on how you can educate yourself and get involved with black lives matter. One thing that protests and riots effectively do is raise awareness.

But the end of february need not ― and should not ― be the end of learning about the history of black people. 10 books to educate yourself on black history, culture, and struggles. 8 books to read to educate yourself about black history during these protests and riots, take this time to learn the why and join in.

Iu requires students in the college of arts and sciences to complete a diversity in the united states case credit. The shortest month of the year is coming to a close, and with it, the country’s yearly celebration of black history month.the presidential speeches have been declaimed, and the flurry of media inquiry into black achievements throughout american history is subsiding. Black history month is among us and as a black woman, i am more than grateful to acknowledge this in the spaces in which i find myself.

I was raised to take it seriously and not only celebrate all of. Aside from taking to the streets to protest, spreading awareness across social media platforms, and donating to organizations aiding the black lives matter movement, a productive way to stay engaged in the conversation is through reading black literature and educating yourself on the history of race relations in america. This isn’t a moment, this is a movement!

Iu has a variety of classes available for students to learn about the history and culture of the black community. And educate yourself on these important issues. History class didn't teach you the real story about how we got here, but, thankfully, there are a plethora of documentaries for you to educate yourself with.

Educate yourself and educate others to influence change. Jun 5, 2020 paramount/getty images/netflix. It can feel intimidating to know where to begin, but you can donate, protest, and, most importantly, educate yourself on how to be a better ally.

Galen clavio, director of undergraduate studies at the media school, said the school is interested in adding more courses surrounding diversity. The responsibility of everyone in this moment and especially throughout black history month is to educate; 12 books worth reading if you’re looking for ways to educate yourself on black history.

People are beginning to watch the news more and read up. Take your allyship a step further. There are a variety of ways for people to educate themselves on the experience of black people in the u.s., but perhaps the quickest, easiest way for people to get started is by turning to the black voices who have told black stories in various media for decades.

It's no secret that your u.s. Education is power, and education is the start of change. And part of that is taking steps to educate yourself further so you can have those important conversations.

Documentaries about black history to educate yourself with. “the online portal provides digital tools, online exercises, video instructions, scholarly articles. The black lives matter movement is not over despite it getting less airtime of late, and these shows are just one way to better educate yourself on issues and questions that, in some cases, might be hard to swallow, through the tapestry of black history, the untold narratives and the people making change.

Want to educate yourself about black history and culture? See more ideas about black history facts, black fact, black knowledge. The supershe community needs to work together to be the change, and i want to give you some more tools to get started.

Susan willmarth was born in new mexico and moved in the early '70's to new york city. 11 black history movies to educate yourself with.

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