How To Exit Artificial Island Building Mode

Tower of Fantasy’s artificial island system allows players to build their own structures. Here’s how to exit artificial island build mode.

tower of fantasy The artificial island building mode allows players to construct their own structures on their artificial island, but it can prove a bit confusing when it comes to exiting the mode after completion. This guide will explain how to exit artificial island build mode once the process is complete. The Artificial Island update adds a number of new features to the game, including the eponymous Artificial Island feature mentioned above. It also adds a new boss in the form of the interdimensional Frostfire Dragon, a robotic dragon that serves as a fitting test of the player’s skills. It also adds to the game’s global release a new offensive character known as “Claudia” who wields the Guren blade that deals physical damage.


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tower of fantasy is a free-to-play open-world action role-playing game developed by Hotta Studios, a subsidiary of Perfect World Entertainment. On the planet Aida, a cataclysm altered the planet’s ecology and almost wiped out humanity. The cause of this cataclysm was the radioactive energy known as Omnium, and the cataclysm led to a conflict between two major factions. As the Hykros scientific organization continues to study Omnium to help humanity adapt, Aida’s shadowy heirs fight to end Omnium research. The player enters the story 50 years after the cataclysm as a wanderer exploring Aida and uncovering her secrets.

How to exit artificial island build mode

The Artificial Island is a special area where a player can build a home base and customize their own little piece of Aida. With a home, players can also acquire pets and servants for their artificial island, and prepare for the various challenges that Aida has to offer. (Like the interdimensional Frostfire Dragon added in the same update.)

When a player is done customizing and building the various structures of their artificial island, they want to exit build mode. The game, irritatingly, decides not to explain very clearly how to do this, but fortunately it’s a fairly simple process. Players just need to click the exit button located above the mini-map on the top left of the screen and then click OK to confirm.

Now that players know how to exit build mode, it’s easier than ever to switch between the many activities Aida has to offer.

tower of fantasy is now available for PC, Android and IOS.

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