How To Farm And Garden In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Learn all there is to know about farming and gardening so you can help your villagers and earn money more easily. There is no way around farming it Disney Dreamlight Valleyit’s a very reliable source of income, and it grows crops that you can then give to your villagers, eat to gain energy, or use for cooking.

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With all of this in mind, it’s best to know everything about the farming mechanics in this game. It can help you tremendously as you keep progressing and need more and more resources for your valley.


This guide is based on early access content and is subject to change in the future.

How farming works

Although there is a large amount of crops in Disney Dreamlight Valley, farming itself is actually a simple task. It can be very relaxing; You can do it almost anywhere and decorate your surroundings as you like. All you need is a shovel, a watering can and some seeds.

You can invite a character specializing in gardening to join in by asking them to “hang out”.

It will strengthen your friendship with them when you do farming activities and they will help you harvest more crops and maximize your efficiency.

  • First you will get yourself some seeds.
  • When you have collected some seeds, use the shovel to dig some holes and place the seeds in them.
  • If you dug more than one hole, you can hold down the “Place” button to place more seeds in it – the same applies to the subsequent watering of the seeds – this saves you a lot of time.
  • After all the seeds have been placed, get out your watering can and water them all.
  • Then all you have to do is wait for them to grow. In your Collections tab, you can check how long each crop takes to be harvested.

There are two ways to get seeds, they can either be found randomly when getting rid of thorns in the valley or they can be bought from Goofy at one of his stalls and upgraded stalls.

If it rains when you plant your plants, they will look like they have been watered; However, if they don’t grow while it’s still raining, they’ll dry up and you’ll have to water them to keep them growing. At the moment it is unclear whether the drying out of the plants is a mistake or intentional.

How to get new types of plants

New crop species can only be obtained by unlocking new regions with new Goofy Stalls for you to build. You can then update them by clicking on the Scrooge McDuck sign. Each upgrade also adds a new type of plant. Here you can get any type of harvest:

harvest stand
carrot peaceful meadow
lettuce peaceful meadow
Wheat peaceful meadow
tomato Dazzle Beach
Corn Dazzle Beach
sugar cane Dazzle Beach
Onion Forest of Valor
paprika Forest of Valor
canola Forest of Valor
okra clearing of trust
rice clearing of trust
spinach clearing of trust
Cotton Sun-drenched plateau
soy Sun-drenched plateau
zucchini Sun-drenched plateau
aubergine Frosty Heights
asparagus Frosty Heights
cucumber Frosty Heights
Potato Forgotten Lands
Leek Forgotten Lands
pumpkin Forgotten Lands

As you traverse these regions, stable upgrades will also increase in price, so be sure to save up for them as you unlock them.

How to get bonus cultures

A bonus crop is a great thing to experience – it’s when you harvest a crop, and that’s it begins to emit a mesmerizing and intense orange glowing light. In this case, you can harvest as much crops as you want from this hole for a limited time, so you must do it react very quickly.

Your The energy bar is also temporarily paused decreases as you harvest the crop, and it appears yellow.

But unfortunately it is quite unpredictable. At the moment it seems that bonus crops happen randomly and there is no way to cause them.

Which Plants Should You Grow?

All cultures are different. They differ in terms of seed price, growing time, and post-harvest value in terms of gold and energy. In order to make an analysis, it is important to first take a look at the statistics of each crop.

harvest seed price time to grow amount per harvest selling price energy
carrot 10 15 minutes A carrot 44 golds +57
lettuce 3 Three minutes A salad Eight gold +56
Wheat 1 A minute Two Wheat Two golds +19
tomato 8th 25 minutes Three tomatoes 22 golds +21
Corn fifteen 12 minutes Two corn 16 golds +30
sugar cane 5 seven minutes A cane 19 golds +46
Onion 50 One hour 15 minutes An onion 170 golds +146
paprika 12 15 minutes A paprika 33 golds +79
canola 25 35 minutes A rape 109 golds +59
okra 135 Two hours Three okra 114 golds +31
rice 35 50 minutes Two rice 61 golds +59
spinach 45 One hour Three spinach 41 golds +60
Cotton 42 25 minutes A cotton 37 golds
soy 60 One hour 30 minutes Three soy 69 golds +58
zucchini 30 40 minutes Two zucchini 52 golds +48
aubergine 95 Three hours An eggplant 308 gold +451
asparagus 150 Two hours 15 minutes Three asparagus 133 golds +42
cucumber 40 One hour 15 minutes A cucumber 159 gold +145
Potato 55 35 minutes A potato 126 golds +113
Leek 120 Two hours A leek 309 gold +228
pumpkin 275 Four hours A pumpkin 664 gold +187

Given their different values, each plant has its own value. If you want to create a farm for AFK at night, you should aim for pumpkins. Although they take four hours to grow, there’s plenty of profit to be made afterwards.

If you want something that will grow faster but still make a decent profit, potatoes are a great product.

If you want to recharge your batteries without having to drive home all the time, then eggplant, cucumber and onion are for you.

How to unlock Wall-E’s garden

Much like Moiana’s Fishing Boat, you can unlock Wall-E’s Garden. Wall-E has a very close connection to plants and farming and is the perfect companion to introduce him to the gardening profession. Expand your friendship with Wall-E and complete his missions; Once he returns to the valley, he will ask you to help him fix the garden in Peaceful Meadow.

To repair the garden, you need to make a trellis (three soil, 15 softwood, two white and pink falling penstemons) and three burlap sacks (ten soil, 20 fiber), and then get five sugar cane seeds and five wheat seeds. Once you submit and complete his request, the garden will be repaired and put back into service.

Just like Goofy’s Stalls and Moana’s Boat, you can upgrade a few times to improve it – enhance garden will make it so that there is more places for plants, and you use less energy when using.

Check the garden from time to time and harvest whatever has grown. As you unlock more crops, Wall-E will plant more in his free time.

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