How To Find An NPC’s Personality

Statement Snob Response Busy Bee Response Free Spirit Response Romantic Response Where do you come from? Tell me something about your birthplace. Oh, it’s the best! The most fabulous kingdom in the whole continent! Everybody’s rich and gorgeous… And, uhm… Yeah… You probably haven’t heard of it, because it’s very secret and uhm… Aaa… A dragon… Yes, a dragon! It’s guarding the entrance through the… magic… waterfall? (+5) I don’t remember much before the orphanage. We called it “The House”. Creative, right? It wasn’t much, but…. At least we could feel like we belong somewhere. (+5) Imagine an enourmous forest. But the trees are all buildings. Survival is as demanding as in the wilderness, and most of the time, you’re not the one hunting. Great taverns though! (+5) It’s not easy for me to talk about… I lived in a small cabin in the woods with only my parents for the most of life. I’ve dreamt about a knight in shining armour to rescue me from it. But no one ever came… So I took the first chance to run away. (+5) What’s your biggest dream? When I was a kid, I wanted to be an adventurer. But now, I don’t know… I just wish to be happy. My dream is not to be a queen, I don’t have to wish for something that’s bound to happen, but to build a kingdom mightier than any other seen before. (+5) I don’t dream big. One may say I don’t dream at all, because I’d rather have goals to actually achieve than dreams to wish for. And my main goal is to work as hard as I can to build the best life possible. (+5) That’s easy – I don’t ever want to grow up! If I’m ever to become boring, I wish a lightning would strike me down! Damn… should’ve wished for money? (+5) I want to love and be loved. To find someone I couldn’t live without. Someone I could die for. I could kill for… And then to bear him a child, who I could love even more. (+5) I’m always eager to learn new things. Do you have any advice for me? Only one, if you ever find yourself standing in the way of my success – do yourself a favour and move. Or I’ll move you myself. (+5) Be careful who you trust. The best way to conceal a dagger is with a smile. And don’t let me find you slacking off! (+5) Sure! Be very, very careful when foraging mushrooms from the forest. One mistake, and instead of getting delicious scrambled eggs, you wake up three days later naked, sharing a burrow with a bunch of badgers. Great guys, terrible roommates. (+5) Be kind to people and you will be treated the same way in return. Simple as that. And uhm… Keep your heart open. (+5) Nice weather we have today, don’t you think? Do you prefer sunny or rainy days? (if sunny) Sun of course! Rain is the enemy of fine dresses and hairdos. (+5) (if sunny) It depends on what the crops need at the moment. It’s important to have balance. (+5) (if sunny) Definitely rain! No field work and a lot of puddles to jump into. (+5) (if sunny) I like both. Sunny days are always nice, but a grand storm can be very picturesque and majestic. (+5) I love the local cuisine here! What’s your favourite food? I don’t know. Not because I’m indecisive, but because I haven’t tried it yet. Sure, my most beloved food must be something exotic and unique! (+5) Anything that I’ll grow myself. But if I really had to choose, I’d say… cabbage. It has layers AND it’s green. Which seems like a whole lot better choice than an onion for an analogy. (+5) Hmmm… Is wine a food? What am I saying, of course it’s not. Mead then. (+5) Fruits, I’d say. And honey! I simply adore sweets! I’m not the biggest fan of meat though. Guess that’s because I love animals so much. (+5) Don’t make fun of me, but my favourite animals were always chickens. No idea why, I just love the way they run around and move their heads. How about you? A wisent, undoubtedly. It’s the real king of the forest. Glorious in its form, but calm and friendly at the same time. Doesn’t need to manifest its power until provoked. And when it is… Well… (+5) Cows are the most useful in my opinion. They can provide both meat and milk. They’re also pretty easy to manage and very resilient. (+5) It would have to be a wolf. It’s strong, fast and agile. Majestic, but deadly. And it’s still basically a doggy, so it must love belly rubs! Like me! (+5) I love does. They are as beautiful as they are graceful. True pacifists that just want to be happy and undisturbed. (+5) That’s the finest dress I have seen in the whole valley! Finally, someone with a good eye for beauty! It’s hard to find someone so appreciative around here. (+10) Are you mocking me? It’s all covered in muck! (-5) This old rag? You must have not travelled a lot. Or have a sight problem… (0) Thank you! I patched it myself! (+5) Have you ever been stung by a bee? When you do, remember to pull out the sting first, then cut an onion in half and rub it onto the wound. It’s mostly harmless, but the venom can be dangerous in some cases. Do I look like someone wandering around bushes? (-5) Thank you for that trick. Seems like good advice. (+7) My aunt taught me that ages ago, it really works! (+3) Rub an onion on the wound? I don’t think that’s right… (-3) I could listen to your voice for hours. Do you sing? Hmm, never thought about it. But I would be pretty spectacular at it, wouldn’t I? (+3) That’s kind of you, but it’s not something I’m interested in. (0) You bet your bum, I do! “Nananana, nananana, hey hey-ey, plughing the fields!” (+7) You really think so? I guess I was never bold enough to try… (+5) Some people live their whole life trying to understand love. But love is not to be understood, but to be felt. For some people it’s very hard to feel it, even when it’s all around them. We only accept the love we think we deserve. (+3) And what makes you the expert? (-5) And some people waste their time thinking about what other people are thinking. (0) That’s beautifully said! Love has to be appreciated in the heat of the moment. Not studied. (+10) Ha ha, you are so hilarious! Have you actually met me? (-5) Please, don’t say that. I’ll be forced to like you now… (+5) Ha! You just wait! Fill me with some wine, and you will need a change of the undergarments from laughter! (+10) I don’t think I was trying to be funny… (0) I once heard that the King’s castle is a real maze. Dozens of hidden doors, secret passages. That sounds amazingly surreal! Oh, how I dream about living there! The schemes, intrigues, deception! Lies, politics and corruption! How splendid it must be! (+10) Sounds pretty practical, in the defensive aspects at least. Though knowing powerful men, it’s used mostly to smuggle concubines… (0) Yeah, for you maybe, I would constantly get lost. (-5) So that’s why they can never catch the ghosts! (+7) A scribe I’ve met during my travels told me how they prepare ink for writing. I was always wondering about that. Apparently they’re using gallnuts from the oak trees. Hmm, that’s interesting. Although it’s the meaning of the words that counts to me, not the material used to write them. (+5) I’m pretty sure that’s only one of the recipes. (0) Oh, yeah, books… I like… uhm… booking a lot… (0) It’s amazing how people just come up with ideas like that. (+3) I can’t stand laziness in people. Your diligence should be an inspiration for everybody. I should be an inspiration to all people in general. (0) I appreciate that. I always try to excel at what I do. (+10) *yawn* What? Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention… (-7) I try my best, but honestly I don’t think of myself as an example in that matter. (-5) You’re one of the smartest people I’ve met. I’m not surprised you, of all people, think so. (+5) Thank you. I try to keep my mind sharp. (+10) Me think, why waste time say lot word, when few words do trick. (+7) I’m not sure that I am, my mother certainly didn’t think so. (0) Do you know what a pig that ran into a bush is called? A hedgehog. You’re one of the simpler fellows, aren’t you? (0) Pretty clever, not too funny though. (0) Ha ha ha! Classic! (+5) I like that one, my uncle used to tell it a lot. (+3) If you want to make an omelette, you have to break some eggs. Said the homicidal chicken. It’s so bad, that it almost makes it good. (0) This chicken’s mind must be really scrambled! (+3) That chicken needs to be PUNished! To make an EGGSample! Ha ha ha! (+3) I don’t think I get it. (-3) You have exceptionally beautiful eyes! Beauty is in the eye of the… well… me. (+5) I don’t really care. (-3) Thank you! Couldn’t see without them, you know. (+5) Oh, that’s really sweet. Thank you. (+7) I truly admire your honesty. Then admire doing something with that stinky breath of yours. (+3) Lying is taking the easy way out in my opinion. (+7) I always tell it like it is. My daddy taught me that. That and how to hold my liquor. Nothing else really… (+5) I’m glad you think so. I hate deceit and double-faced people. (+7) You are so caring. I’m sure you’re going to be a great mother. Don’t get ahead of yourself. (0) Motherhood is an important part of life. And I will try to do my best at it. (+7) I think I would be much more capable as a drinking buddy… (-5) I’m not sure, but thank you. You will surely be an amazing father as well. (+3) Supposedly, there’s a hunter in the valley that stuffs carcasses of the animals he’s hunted. They are reported to look still alive, just frozen in time. Maybe someone should do the same with him after he dies. (0) Sounds pretty horrid. But interesting at the same time. I’d like to see it by myself. (+5) Hmm, the practical joke possibilities are endless! I need to find that guy… (+3) It sounds unnecessarily cruel and in bad taste. (-7) Do you ever wish to be unintelligent? As simple as possible. To have no worries, to never be troubled by thoughts. Just live in the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. Ignorance is bliss, as they say. (+5) I’m exactly the right amount of intelligent I’d like to be, thank you. (0) Sure, I even started to do some experiments on that! (+3) No. Who in their right mind would ever want to be stupid? (-3) Some say that the King can tell the future! I love such nonsense! A smart king can be seen as a god by the rabble. And one day they’ll be telling legends about me. (+3) Right, same people who think that it rains because the clouds are sad… He’s just using deduction and foresight. (-10) That’s impossible! Believe me, I’ve tried… (-7) You know what? I think he actually can! (+5) I envy the birds. The freedom their wings offer. How magnificent would it be to be able to just glide across the sky towards the unknown? I’d fly above the trees. Over the seas in all degrees. To anywhere I please. (+7) Having wings would certainly be efficient, but only if you could keep your arms as well. (0) Well, you should try wormwood tea then! You’ll be flying all over the place! (+5) I could almost feel the breeze on my face already. (+7) It might sound strange, but I’ve heard that soaking clothes in urine makes them easier to wash. Are you mad?! You want to talk with me about piss stains?! (-5) I thought that was common knowledge. (+3) Oh, so the drunkards sleeping at the tavern must be soaking themselves preventively… (0) Sounds pretty disgusting… (-5) You are very sophisticated. I like that. Glad to hear that. Trying to teach elegance around here is like casting pearls before swine. (+10) We both know I’m not. (-3) Now don’t you throw your fancy words at me, mister! (-3) My mother would disagree, but I appreciate you saying that. (0) I’ve always appreciated an empathetic and sensitive woman like yourself. I have many qualities more significant than those. (-3) I think you might have mistaken me with someone else. (0) Yeah, yeah, that’s me alright… (0) You actually have, haven’t you? That’s one of the kindest things someone ever said to me. (+10) Your smile is more warming than the campfire itself. Of course, it is. It’s mine. (+3) That’s because I use a twig with some ash to clean my teeth. Toothaches are very counterproductive. (0) Too bad it cannot fry food as well, am I right? (+3) Ha ha, oh you! Now I can’t stop smiling. Hope I’m not making you too hot… (+7) People being proud of who they are, are rare these days. I’m glad to have met you. Good for you to be able to appreciate that. (+7) I take great pride in my work. (+10) I never pretend to be someone I’m not. Sometimes I pretend to be a pony, but that’s a different story… (+10) I try to. I doubt myself much less since I got away from my mother’s claws. (+5) What’s the difference between a woman’s argument and a knife? Are you sure you want to finish this?! (-5) I don’t. But I know what’s similar – they’re both sharp. And deadly… (+5) I know that one! A knife has a point! Ha ha ha! (+5) Yeah, yeah – “A knife has a point”. Never been a fan of that one. (0) Sometimes the world just seems pointless, barren. I want to bleed just to know if I’m still alive. That’s why you have to keep your eyes on the price. Always. (0) These thoughts sound very toxic. You can easily trap yourself in the cage of your own misery. (-7) Don’t you ruin my buzz with all that negativity! (-10) I understand that very well. Life can trap you in the rut like that. A depressing loop of everydayness. (+5) Many people are talking about a farmer from south of the valley, who fell in love with his subordinate. Some find it repulsive, no idea why. Heart wants what it wants. In that case, the farmer’s heart wants to romance with his horse. Yeah, that’s the “tiny” detail you missed out on. (0) I don’t know that man. (-3) You do know that the “subordinate” is his horse, right? (0) The course of true love never did run smooth. (+5) I’ve heard that our neighbours in the west eat frogs. What do you think about that? Would you try one? But why? There’s so many better alternatives around. (0) Hmm, that’s interesting. I’ve never thought about cooking them. Maybe I should give it a try. (+7) Sure, I’ll try some! Probably puke right after, but I’ll only know if I try, right? (+5) That sounds disgusting! And unhealthy! (-7) Did you know that in some places they conduct what is called a divorce by combat? To even up the chances, the husband stands in a hole up to his waist, with one of his arms tied behind his back. Of course, men think that we need some kind of advantage. Go on, crawl in the hole and rot if you wish. (0) That sounds so absurdly, that it simply must be true. (+5) That sounds… incredible! (+3) It must be horrific! What can drive people to do such things? (-3) I simply adore your hair! It shines like a morning dew in the sun. It does! I like to think about it as a suitable nest for a crown. (+7) I hate it though. Keeps getting into my eyes while I’m working. (-3) I love dew! It makes running barefoot on the meadows so much more exciting! (+3) That’s really beautifully said and kind. Thank you. (+5) What is death? Is it the end? The beginning? Can there be beauty in it? Should it bring sadness? Or maybe reflection? The only thing we’re certain about it is that it’s inevitable. That’s some really good questions. I’m going to ask them all when I look death straight in the eyes. (+3) Death is death. There’s nothing special about it. It’s just the absence of life. (-5) Don’t know. Don’t care. Go and find out. (-7) I wonder about it sometimes myself. But I guess the point is we will never know for sure. That’s why we should feel obligated to live our lives the best we can. (+5) Have you heard about the blacksmith from Hornica? He’s always horny and hammered. And are you always so crude? Or is it only today? (-5) At his age? Good for him, I guess… (0) Ha ha ha, I also heard that he’s being accused of a forgery! And blackmailed about it, ha ha ha! (+10) I don’t appreciate vulgar jokes like this. (-3) Do you know why bears would never use swords? Because they always fight with their bear hands. I detest myself for not hating it as much as I should. (0) It’s good that they don’t. Using weapons would make them even more BEARbaric! A real FURce to be reckoned with. (+5) Ha ha ha! Please, stop! My stomach hurts! It’s unBEARable! Ha ha ha! (+7) That doesn’t make any sense. (0) What’s your favourite season of the year? – Definitely autumn. That’s when my favourite harvests occur. Besides, it’s a reminder that the winter is coming and you have to work even harder! (+5) Winter, no doubt. No stupid farming, animals are easier to track and you never have to drink a warm beer! (+5) I believe spring to be the most magical of seasons. The entire world is waking up from its winter sleep. It might sound silly, but it feels like love. (+5) Do you have any brothers or sisters? None. When you achieve perfection on your first try, there’s no need for do-overs. (+5) Many of both. But there’s no blood relation between any of us. Just a bunch of unwanted kids bound by the urge to survive in the unfair world. (+5) Knowing my papa, I’ve got a few. But I’ve never met any of them. After all these years, it’s hard to say which of us was the lucky one. (+5) I… uhm… I had a brother. For a whole thirty minutes… I remember feeling so sad when he started crying. But then my whole world shattered when he went silent. (+5) Do you have a favourite colour? Mine’s brown. I don’t really know why. It just always made me feel… safe. Gold naturally. It’s the most prestigious and shines the brightest. Just like a special someone! Me, in case you’re as dense as you look… (+5) I’m not sure. Blue I guess? It’s in the sky above us and the water below. It seems… calm, reassuring. (+5) Hmm, orange? It suits me, I think. I’m like a flame – hot and love to dance in the wind. (+5) Pink is definitely my favourite. It’s bright, warm and tender. A perfect mix of passionate red and pristine white. (+5) What brought you here? Ambition. If you want to be somebody, you need to broaden your horizons. Explore, learn. Only then I’ll be able to reach my true potential. (+5) The land. Its soil to be precise. I wanted to find a place where I can be self-sufficient. Independent. (+5) Destiny of course! Literally. That was a nickname of a big buy I wed some money to. Really big, not too keen on forgiving either. His kid had some real musical talent though. (+5) Let’s just say that me and my mother had some differences. Her being a passive-aggressive monster was the main issue. So I decided to travel to find love and happiness. (+5) Last night I have this weird dream. I was building a house, but someone else was in control of my body, looking through my eyes. And then I heard this strange voice coming from afar, saying “Damn, he’s hungry again”. Very unusual, right? I’m having stupid dreams like that as well. Some strange force is telling me that I’m in some way inferior, because I cannot be “played with”. Of course, I can’t! Nobody will ever play with me like I’m some sort of puppet! (+5) Nightmares are the worst. I have them very rarely, but they’re usually awful. I get swallowed by the earth underground, and then I reappear somewhere else. It’s so sharp and rapid that I feel sick. (+5) Yeah, I get what you mean. I often have a dream in which I cannot move at all. Just stare in the nothingness with my arms stretched horizontally. It’s really creepy! (+5) I have this occurring dream in which I’m floating above the village, paralysed. And all I can think of is that I’m waiting for something. It really scares me. (+5) Since childhood, I have been afraid of heights. It seems every time I fall, I hurt myself. What is your biggest fear? Only one thing – failing. To die a nobody. And this fear keeps me going every day. (+5) If you live your life by logic, there’s nothing you should be afraid of. And my greatest fear is to allow myself to see how false the previous statement is. (+5) I can handle myself in most situations, but there is one thing that scares me to my core – responsibilities. (+5) Hmm, getting old, I would say? Scratch that… Getting old alone. (+5) Today is pretty tiresome for me, but fruitful nevertheless. And how is your day going!? I got into a dreadful argument with a tailor. I kept telling him that I looked so amazingly in his dress that he should be paying me for wearing it, but he didn’t want to listen. Some people are just unbelievable! (+5) Not as productive as I would like. So pretty standardly to be honest. (+5) Booooriiiing! I haven’t had a single drop of wine, told no jokes… Ooh! I can tell you one! Ready? What are the funniest animals? Snakes – They’re hissterical! (+5) Pleasantly. I had a really nice walk earlier. Enjoyed the beauty of nature. Just me and my thoughts. (+5) When I first arrived at the valley, it made an amazing impression on me. How do you like it here? – It’s solid. Fields are fertile, forests full of game. The King is… what do I care? Kings come and go. I care more about farming than politics. (+5) It’s great! Views are nice, the soil is festile… Oh, my, now I hear how boring it sounds. Should I move? (+5) It’s a lovely place to live in for sure. Especially if you have someone close to appreciate its beauty with. (+5) This athletic figure of yours is quite impressive. Athletic?! Who do you think I am? A lumberjack?! (-3) My body is both a temple and a tool. I take good care of it. Glad to hear you can appreciate that. (+10) Considering my lifestyle, you might be right. (0) Are you implying I’m built like a man? (-7) In my home, the best remedy for a common cold was always a broth made with chicken bones and herbs. How about you? I don’t know. Never been sick in my life. My blood is too powerful for illnesses, it seems. (0) I use this method as well. But next time maybe you should try an onion syrup, it can work wonders! (+3) It’s easy, grab a beer and mix with some wine, mead and another beer. And there you have it – a remedy for everything! (0) You should ask a healer. I don’t want to mislead you. (0) Every time you smile at me, a swarm of butterflies assaults my stomach. That’s one of the curses of my beauty. (0) I feel the same. (+3) So my smile makes you ill? (0) It seems there’s an invasion, because I’ve been getting attacked by them every time I hear your soothing voice. (+5) I want to do with you what spring does with the cherry trees. You’re really smooth with your words, aren’t you? I like that. (+3) How do you know they are my favorite? (+3) Are you talking dirty to me in a smart way? How fancy! (+5) I didn’t know you’re such a romantic… (+5) I fantasise about the taste of your lips. – I usually don’t approve of fantasies, but I’m glad to be a guest in this one… (+3) There are thinkers and there are doers. Which one are you? (+5) You’re a guest in some of my fantasies as well… (+10) When you’re not around, I feel incomplete, hollow. Who wouldn’t? Once you meet queen bee, that’s all you want to see… (+10) – Hmm, I like some hollow things. Bucket for example. You can hit it and it makes a fun noise! And you can keep stuff in it. (+3) That’s how soulmates work, I believe. (+7) It might sound strange, but I feel at home when I’m with you. I could see myself taking you in for a night… or two… (+3) You know what’s strange? I feel that too… A little… Maybe… No, I don’t… Stop, grinning at me! (+7) Hey! I don’t see any ring on my finger yet. (0) It doesn’t, it sounds sweet. (+3) The sweetness of your scent haunts me everywhere I go. My charm is not something to forget easily, my dear. (+7) – Ha! So the spell is working! I mean… uhm… thank you! Nice weather we got today… (+5) I hope you meant it in a good way… (0) You’re the first thing I think about when I wake up. That’s exactly the same as me! (+5) And your face is the last thing I picture before falling asleep…what is happening to me? (+7) – Maybe one day you will not only think, but also see… (+3) It’s starting to get really hard to keep my hands to myself around you. Patience is a virtue of the noblemen. (+5) I would normally smack a man for a comment like that! But I don’t want to… (0) – A gentleman can always control himself… but he not always should. (+3) I want to do bad things with you, girl. And you will. The worst of things. But only if I command you to. (0) Be a good boy and I just might let you. (+3) Mrrau! Just how bad are we talking about, you naughty boy? (+10) It doesn’t sound appropriate. (0) With every conversation, I feel more and more connected to you. You seem to get a little bit less annoying as well, I must say. (+3) Normally I don’t like people getting close to me. Like an alert. But with you… the voice is silent. And I feel calm when you’re around. (+10) – I hope you won’t be satisfied with just talking for much longer… (+5) Work can often get under our skin. What do you do in your spare time? When I really need to blow off some steam, I usually just look in my reflection. The gorgeous lady living there can always make me smile. (+5) If you have any spare time, it only means you’ve been slacking off. (+5) Since “Drinking is not a hobby, young lady!” … I would have to go with fooling around. In every meaning of it. *wink* (+5) I hope you won’t be satisfied with just talking for much longer… (+5)

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