How To Find Eye Of Witness (& What To Do With Them)

Although most cult of the Lamb is a fairly straightforward experience, with a few hidden detours and side quests for players to tackle. Most of these are split into multiple sections, and some of them will even reward players with new retainer forms or decorations. Some of these side quests are a little harder to find and even a bit ambiguous for players who still have a lot to explore.

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One quest in particular will task players with finding items called the Eye of Witness, which can then be returned to an NPC for a reward. In this guide, we’ll tell you where players can start this quest, how to find the Eyes yourself, and what kind of rewards you’ll get if you make the effort. Read below for how to find eye of witness cult of the Lamb.


How to start the quest for the Eye of the Witness

For players to start earning rewards for collecting Eye of Witness, You must first gain access to the Smuggler’s Sanctuary, an area that becomes accessible once players randomly encounter a specific NPC during a crusade through Anchor Depth (the third zone to unlock). Once players meet Plimbo, he makes his way to the Smuggler’s Sanctuary, which players can then access on the Overworld map. If you go there, the side quest will start, as Plimbo asks the Lamb to get the Eye of the Witness, which he can sell for a quick coin. Any Eye of Witness that the player is currently carrying can be given to them at this point.

Where to collect the Eye of the Witness

Players who have not yet found Eye of the Witness must return to a crusade they have already conquered, which means the last boss of the area has been killed. The next time players enter a crusade in an area missing its ancient god, they will encounter an NPC named Haro, who will alert them that the area’s enemies have grown stronger. From there, players just have to continue the crusade until they reach the boss of the area, who will be one of four witnesses who are now patrolling and patrolling the area as mini-bosses.

Defeating one of these witnesses will reward players with an Eye of the Witnesswhich falls from a chest that appears after players interact with the defeated boss and send it back to their cult.

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Rewards for completing the quest “The Witness’s Eye”.

There are a total of four Eye of Witness that players must collect in order to complete Plimbo’s entire quest chain, but the NPC will reward the lamb every time they turn in an eye. Unfortunately, Plimbo doesn’t have any unique decorations or pendant shapes to offer players, but he will give them a valuable Sacred Talisman piece every time they hand over an Eye of Witness. By turning in all four eyes, one of each witness killed in Darkwood, Anura, Anchordeep and Silk Cradle, Players will be able to assemble an entire Sacred Talisman.

Players can then take this completed Sacred Talisman back to the Church and then unlock a new Fleece by interacting with the Crown. These unlocked fleeces will change the way players approach Crusades by offering a range of groundbreaking scenarios.

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