How to Find (& Unlock) The Luggage Case

The survival horror FPS game powered by dishonored style stealth Gloomwood features an inventory system reminiscent of jigsaw puzzles resident Evil Franchise where inventory becomes a puzzle of matching items. Taking place in a cursed Victorian setting Gloomwood Emphasizes sensitive stealth mechanics similar to that Thief Series that encourages selective approaches to conflict as players traverse dangerous areas as a character named The Doctor. Players must make their way through the game’s first level, Croup’s Fishery, to discover the Luggage Case as a way to collect more items throughout the rest of the game.


Which makes the luggage case an anomalous version of a standard inventory system Gloomwood lies in how each item occupies a certain space capacity. A traditional system of some survival horror titles, unchanged in the remakes of resident Evil, players have extremely limited space to store things they find while exploring. Healing items, new firearms, and different types of ammo are difficult to pack into the trunk, so players should plan ahead on what type of items they want to focus on based on their playstyle.

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The luggage case itself can be found in the pseudo-tutorial level in GloomwoodCroup’s Fishery, a grim cluster of buildings overrun by enemies called the Infected. Gloomwood uses moments before finding the suitcase to teach players its stealth mechanics through the Light Gem Ring given at the start of the game. The ring’s colors indicate how alert the infected are to the player’s presence through light and sound, so experimenting with this sensitivity on your way to reaching the luggage case is crucial. The survival horror facial expressions dishonored in a way with areas where players can take a violent or stealthy path to advance.

Find and unlock the suitcase in Gloomwood

An area in Croup’s Fishery called the Killing Floor has the Doctor’s Case and Journal as key items for the player to find. Holding the “Tab” key once found unlocks the luggage case and opens up the unorthodox inventory system. However, finding the Killing Floor on this level takes some time from the start of the game where The Doctor wakes up in an area called the Waste Pit. After learning basic moves through the provided tutorial, a mysterious stranger gives players the Ring of the Jewel of Light and opens the gate enclosing the Doctor so they can escape.

Traversing the next area, the Beltway, leads to the game’s first stealth segment against one of the infected. Not quite as difficult to overcome as other Victorian supernatural bosses as in bloodborne, past the infected drops to another area called the Draining Area. It should be noted that falling down on surfaces creates sounds to attract infected, unless landing on soft objects like corpses, as the game mentions in this part. To the right of this room, players may notice a platform to climb onto. This leads to the Killing Floor, where the suitcase is located.

As previously mentioned, the “Tab” key unlocks the luggage case for storage, however the “Shift” key toggles into a gear mode that allows players to customize panels where they can choose which items to use while they traverse the level. Using techniques like grouping the same ammo types together to save space, players who use the Luggage Case effectively can keep their best items close at hand, which proves it Gloomwoodis a tribute to some dishonored mechanics bloodborne environment into something pleasant and new.

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