How to Fix the Google App Crashing on Android

Android powered phones rely heavily on Google services to run the most trivial of things. Need to order food or book an Uber? You need Google’s location services for this. Want to cast a YouTube video to your TV? This requires a working Google account and a handful of background services.

As powerful and customizable as Android devices can be, they don’t come without their problems. Google apps crashing is one of the biggest annoyances that not only prevents you from using the app causing the annoyance but also affects a lot of other apps that might depend on their services.

Luckily, we have a handful of fixes for you to fix Google apps crashing on your phone.

Why does my Google Apps keep crashing?

There are a variety of reasons that can cause your apps to keep crashing. Examples of this are phones that are low on storage, insufficient internals to run the apps, or simply a corrupted app installation. Google apps specifically work hand in hand, which puts them at a higher risk of crashing.

Whatever the reason, there’s nothing more frustrating than an app that keeps crashing. Here are nine ways you can turn that hassle around and start enjoying your Google apps again. Depending on your Android version and your phone’s manufacturer, some settings may be named slightly differently than what we mention.

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1. Force quit the app

Android has always been notorious for unstable apps due to the sheer number of phones a dozen manufacturers release each month. This led to the handy Force Stop option, which kills the app and all of its services until you start it again. This is a great way to fix app crashes that might be caused by a bad startup instance.

To force quit an app on Android:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Apps to view all installed apps on your phone.
  2. Select the app that was giving you trouble and search for one force stop Possibility.
  3. Tap on it and restart the app.

Alternatively, you can long press on the affected app in your launcher and tap app information to jump directly to the settings of the app.

2. Restart your device

“Have you tried turning it on and off again?” Jokes aside, something as simple as restarting your phone can restore all apps and services to fix any app crashes you’ve been facing.

3. Check for app updates or uninstall updates

While Google apps are unlikely to ship with a major bug, checking for available updates could be a way out of this mess. Go to the Google Play Store and in the “My Apps” section, make sure the Google app is on the latest version.

Sometimes when the Play Store doesn’t update apps automatically, it’s a good idea to check for app updates manually from time to time.

Alternatively, if you’ve signed up for a beta version of an app, uninstalling its updates could be just as effective.

  1. Long press the app and tap app information.
  2. Tap the three dots icon in the top right corner of your screen and select Uninstall updates.
  3. Tap on OK and check if the app now works as it should.

4. Clear cache and data

Cached data includes any temporary information stored by an app to make subsequent launches faster and more efficient. Clearing your cached data regularly can also keep your apps running healthier by removing unnecessary data.

You can also clear the app data yourself or uninstall and reinstall the app to fix corrupted data. While clearing the cache won’t affect any of your in-app options and saved information, clearing the data will require you to log into the app and set it up again.

  1. Long press on the affected app and tap app information.
  2. Choose storage and tap clear cache or delete data.
  3. Tap on OK and restart the app to see if it stops crashing.

5. Reinstall Android system WebView

All Android phones come with Android System WebView service, which is responsible for displaying web content in an app. Most Google apps rely heavily on this service and can even crash when it’s not working as it should.

Check the Play Store for available Android System WebView app updates or navigate to the App Info page and uninstall the updates as you previously did for the Google app.

6. Check app permissions

It’s entirely possible that certain permissions for the app you’re having trouble with have been revoked. Navigate to the “App Info” page and under ” Permissions Ensure that all required permissions have been granted.

7. Check your storage space

Another reason for app crashes on Android is a lack of space for the app to write more data. Navigate to Settings > System > Storage to check which apps or files are clogging your phone. Try uninstalling unwanted apps or deleting unimportant media to free up space on your phone for other apps.

8. Sideload another version of the app

Certain app versions are cursed from the start, depending on your phone’s architecture and other variables. If updating the app doesn’t seem to fix the crashes, an alternative could be to sideload a different version of the same app.

You can find the latest versions of Google apps on APKMirror and manually install an APK file on your phone. Try looking for a slightly older version number if the latest keeps crashing on your phone.

9. Factory reset your device

You have done everything and in vain. We only recommend factory resetting your device if more than a few apps are still not working and the problem is due to a faulty software update rather than a faulty app installation.

In any case, make sure to back up all your data before resetting your phone. Navigate to Settings > System > Backup and reset and tap Reset to default. After entering your phone’s password or PIN, wait a few minutes for your phone to reboot.

Fix Google Apps crashing on your phone

Following the quick steps above most likely fixed the issue for you. If the Google app you’re trying to use is still crashing, keep an eye out for updates on the Play Store that might fix the problem.

Meanwhile, we recommend you to use a good alternative for the app that keeps crashing. The Play Store hosts millions of apps and it is not at all difficult to find a comparable alternative to any of the Google apps.

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