How To Get A Letter Of Recommendation

In order to access the snowy northern area of ​​Moonbury in Potion Permit, players will need a letter of recommendation, so here’s where you can get it.

Potions Permission often requires players to open paths to new areas by collecting the necessary items and resources from the game world or by completing quests. One such scenario is accessing the snowy area to the north of Moonbury, which requires players to purchase a letter of recommendation to upgrade their Approval Badge, among other things.

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Potions Permission is a casual action adventure game developed by MassHive Media and published by PQube. In the town of Moonbury, the mayor’s daughter falls ill, and when the local medicine man can’t cure her, the mayor turns to the medical board for help. The player takes on the role of the pharmacist sent by the Medical Association and, after healing the mayor’s daughter, is asked to stay in the city to help the citizens in the future.


How to get a letter of recommendation

After dealing with the boulders blocking access to the rest of the meadow chain, players will have much more of the wilderness to explore around Moonbury. A winding path north eventually leads to a snow-capped ridge and a derelict cable car. At this point, players are informed that they must update their permit badge before they can do anything about the derelict cable car and are instructed to speak to the mayor. Unfortunately, without a letter of recommendation from the Medical Association, the Mayor cannot upgrade the Approval Badge.

Keeping track of the quest in the journal isn’t helpful at this point as the members of the Medical Association are out of town and therefore can’t be visited to ask for the letter of recommendation. Instead, the Medical Association visits the player periodically throughout the game, and it is necessary to impress him on such a visit in order to receive a letter of recommendation.

In order to impress the medical board, the player must solve two problems in the Meadow Range. In the northern part of the Meadow Range, players can find webs attached to some flowers. Interacting with it will trigger a quest to fix the problem. Similarly, a crater/puddle can be found in the southern part of the Meadow Range that also triggers a quest when interacted with. Once both quests are completed, the Medical Association will be happy to provide the player with the letter of recommendation.

With a letter of recommendation, the player can get the mayor to upgrade his badge of appreciation so he can start repairing the cable car and continue north.

Potions Permission is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch.

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