How to Get All Verdant Blossoms

While the story and gameplay are very linear, the end of Valkyrie Elysium is less so. While most of what determines the ending is based on what Valkyrie Elysium players do in Chapter 9, the path to the true ending can only be achieved by collecting all nine Green Blossoms.

While they may look very similar to the Hollow Blossoms found throughout the game, Green Blossoms differ in that their messages cannot be read until all nine have been collected. For gamers interested in seeing the true ending, here is the Verdant Blossoms.


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Green Blossoms in Chapter 3

Green Blossoms don’t appear until Chapter 3, so none of them can be found in the demo. They can be seen on the map as small fiery green dots. The first is near the first save point by the bridge.

It’s in the middle of the bridge, so it’s pretty easy to find. Picking it up will trigger a short cutscene, and players will be able to move around after completing the process. The second Verdant Blossom is found about halfway through Chapter 3 after killing all the enemies in the chapel.

Before you speak to Armand in the next room, Valkyrie Elysium Players should turn around and go up the stairs. After carefully navigating the limited floor space, players should check out the rooms on the second floor.

There is a treasure chest in one room and the Green Blossom in the other room. If players miss a green blossom, they can replay this chapter to get it. One important thing to know is that once players get the Verdant Blossom they missed, they must complete the chapter again and not return to Valhalla or they will not get credit for it. The rank players receive for completing a chapter does not affect Green Blossoms.

Green Blossoms in Chapter 4

The first Verdant Blossom can be found soon after the beginning of the chapter. From the second save point Valkyrie Elysium Players should turn right and go down the stairs. On the deck overlooking the water will be the first Verdant Blossom.

That The second Green Blossom is in the Castle towards the end of the chapter. The room is cordoned off so players must Navigate around him using the stairs. This Verdant Blossom can only be seen on the map when players are on the same floor when it.

Green Blossom in Chapter 5

From this point on, all chapters will only have one Green Blossom to find and they will not appear in side quests. That Verdant Blossom is near the end of Chapter 5 after defeating the boss and recruiting Kristoffer.

Navigate up to the bottom of the map and turn left into a small side area. The path on the left has a chest and the Path on the right is where the Verdant Blossom can be found. Valkyrie Elysium Players must use Kristoffer to bypass the dark barrier blocking the path.

Green Blossom in Chapter 6

Unlike Chapter 5, in Chapter 6, the Verdant Blossom can be found shortly after the mission begins. At the beginning of Chapter 6 there is a tower that players cannot enter. The first floor is blocked by iron bars and the second floor is blocked by a locked door.

When players eliminate the flower blocking their path, You can go up the ledge, and there is a chess on one of the buildingst. In the chest allows a key Valkyrie Elysium player to open the door to the building where the Verdant Blossom is located.

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Green Blossom in Chapter 7

While the Verdant Blossom can be found early in Chapter 6, it takes a while to get to as it’s more than halfway through the mission. Valkyrie Elysium Players will know they are on the right track as soon as they enter the castle and see the green blossom icon on the map. As with the second Verdant Blossom in Chapter 4, to actually reach the Verdant Blossom, players must navigate up and down floors so they can bypass a blocked door.

Valkyrie Elysium Players must enter the upper room and jump into the room below. On the side of the wall is a switch that opens the gate where the seventh Green Blossom is.

Green Blossom in Chapter 8

In between there is a small puzzle Valkyrie Elysium player and the eighth Verdant Blossom, as it is on the other side of a large lake with poisonous water. Near the water’s edge is a row of crystals on ledges that players can use “L2” to zoom in on. To with several of these crystals, Players are on the other side of the lake where the Verdant Blossom is located. You can also use the same crystals to return after collecting the Verdant Blossom.

Green Blossom in Chapter 9

The ninth and final Verdant Blossom only appears in Chapter 9, though Valkyrie Elysium The other eight flowers have been collected by the players. As the map of chapter 9 is pretty simple, Finding the final Verdant Blossom is pretty easy as it’s only in a small alcove.

At this point, players can read all of the Verdant Blossoms’ messages, and a cutscene will play after picking them up.

One important thing for players to know is that after completing Chapter 9, regardless of getting the True Ending, beating the game will reset the ninth Verdant Blossom. The reason is that after saving clear data, players will not be locked out from other endings if they want to get that ending first and see the others.

Valkyrie Elysium is now available for PS4 and PS5. It will be available for PC on November 11th.

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