How To Get Contacts Out With Long Nails

When i first got contacts years ago it'd take hours to get them in and out but you'll soon find what works best for you! Either, you take the index finger and the ring finger and hold them horizontally and parallel to your eye, as if you want to see through between the two fingers.

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Satine on 11 years ago:

How to get contacts out with long nails. Gently squeeze your eye with your thumb and index finger and the lens should immediately pop out. I've been reading other yahoo answers about taking them out, and have tried just about everything to get them out! First of all, long nails are cumbersome if you’re not used to wearing them.

2 of my cousins used to keep long nails but now have them cut down all the way becuz of contacts im sure there are some of you. Cant get laser because i have to be 25 and thats not for several years. “finally, it’s my time to shine.

I've done all sorts of prodding and pinching and rolling of my eyes, but they are very suctioned to my eye from not taking them out for so long, and they're getting awfully blod shot. I have (very) long natural nails, and what i do is use the pad of my finger, and just kind of pull the contacts towards the inside of my eye (towards my nose). With your dominant hand, use your middle finger pull down your lower eyelid.

Wells which prevent the finger from being able to get the contact out of. The easiest way to take out contacts with long nails is by placing your thumb underneath your eye and your index finger on your eyelid. The chances of you scratching your eye and your expensive contacts is much great if you try pulling it out with tweezers or your nails.

Great tips that come handy when i have long nails, or wear contacts. This method doesn't work so much when your nails are long. The case out into your hand or trying to get the contacts out with your.

This does take a little practice to get the motion and angle right but is so easy once you get the hang of it. Make sure you only use your fingertips to avoid damaging your cornea or lens with your nails. I kind of use the side of my finger, the pad bits if that makes sense, if i have long nails and pinch them out from the side.

How do you get contacts out with long nails? Rebecka april 27, 2012 at 10:16 pm reply You may not realize just how much nail length impacts your daily life, from typing to sleeping and everything in between.

Once you get it all the way over there, it'll kind of fold over, and you can just grab it and drop it into your contact case. I generally put my forefinger flat on the eyeball, and use the thumbnail to pop the contact off. My nails are variously long ans.

According to the contact lens wearer guide, lubricating your contacts prior to removal allows them to slide out of your eyes with ease. While pinching a contact lens off is a popular removal method, you can use the pads of your fingers to sweep the lens down. To take out your contact lenses when you have long nails, try pinching your fingers together to grip the lens.

Katie huynh shows you how to pull down underneath your eye with one finger, then drag and pinch your contact out with the other. Give yourself a pat on the back, you’ve successfully removed your contact lenses with long nails. So, i got my nails done about a week ago for prom, and have yet been able to take my contacts out!!

Most people find it easiest to use both their index fingers, but experiment with different fingers to find what works best for you. Hi i've had long nails since 7th grade and i will haev to get contacts in about 6 months. Ready to remove your contacts?

While it's more comfortable using finger pads when my nails are short, i have no trouble with long nails. First, wash your hands thoroughly and dry them well. With long fingernails, the nails have to show over the eye, so that the tip of the finger is in the height of the eye at the contact lenses.

Fashionistas who rock long, acrylic nails probably get as many questions as people with tattoos or piercings. One time i cut my nails, and when i went to go take my contacts out i was freaking out because i couldn't get a grip on them! 1) try to find your shortest nail that is (not your.

1 long nails life hack,” she said. Take some time wash beneath your long nails to get rid of the germs hiding there. Ironically, i need long nails to take out my contacts!

Neither is happening in my near future tho 10/10 will read again. This is particularly useful for those removing contact lenses with long nails. If this is your first time growing long nails, then you may be wondering how to fix and take out contacts with them successfully, but after watching this video, you’ll surely be a pro at it.

Head over to the opposite eyeball, repeat, and relax. I don't really like having to put my whole fingertip in my eyeball to push the contact out. I grab them with my nails like tweezers when i go to take them out;

That’s when the user @vialsss, who was more than qualified with her lengthy blue, glittering nails, stepped up with a brief tutorial. Having long natural nails can be all rosy and fun till you’ve got to use a keyboard and you can’t because of the uneasiness that comes with extremely long nails. Which then results in either dumping.

I can tell this is one hell of a thing to do by means of the hectic stress we go through just to get our typing works done. The case if you have long nails. I want to see somebody with acrylic nails taking their contacts out,” miriam said in a tiktok.

This is especially beneficial when wearing acrylics, as the length of the nails adds difficulty to the removal process. A tiktok user named miriam, however, put an even more specific inquiry out into the. Using eye drops place a few drops in one eye, with the contact still in place.

Even if you’ve been taking contacts in and out of your eyes for years, long nails introduce a few new variables you should keep in mind. Don’t forget about your nails, too! Long time contacts wearer here:

Nails which can lead to stabbing as well as bacteria from under the nail. I had to get my neighbour to go it once as i'd spent 2 hours trying and still couldn't get them in

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