How to Get Early Check-In at Your Hotel (and What to Do If You Can’t)

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I try very hard to avoid the dreaded red-eye flight. Not only is it a pathetic way to get a few hours of fitful sleep, but it gets me where I need to be long before I have access to a proper bed. Hotels and short-term rentals typically have afternoon check-in times, so what to do with those hours of exhaustion in between?

Arriving early is sometimes inevitable, but you don’t necessarily have to wait until 3pm or later to rush. Here is too Hotels have a head start on Airbnb and other short-term rentals – you are more likely to be able to access your room before check-in time. Here are a few ways to get an early hotel check-in, and some ideas of what to do if you can’t.

How to get an early check-in time at your hotel

There are no guarantees, but if you let your hotel know in advance that you will be arriving earlier – in than m all formats as possible – you have a better chance of getting your room ready.

Use that of your hotel App for Check in

According to The Points Guy, checking in a day early on your hotel’s mobile app offers pretty good odds. Many hotel chains allow mobile check-in 24-48 hours in advance with the option to note your arrival time. This worked for check-in times as early as 8am.m.and the hotel sent a notification through the app that the room is ready.

request an early check in when booking

When reserving a room online, many hotels and third-party booking platforms allow special requests, such as: B. extra pillows, floor numbers and yes, early check-in. Even if this particular option is not available, you can often enter your arrival time and other notes about your reservation. If you’re a member of the hotel loyalty program, you can too have easier access to benefits such as early check-in.

Phone call sher hotel directly

Whether or not you have already requested an early check-in, call your hotel at the time of booking and again a day in advance to Let them know your plans and preferences. Again, they probably won’t make any promises, but at least you can give them a head so that they can speed up the process if possible. Hotel mobile apps may also have the ability to chat with staff.

Show yourself ind ask

At least you can go to your hotel and try to check in. You don’t necessarily have to specifically ask for an early check-in, especially if there’s a fee for doing so. Just let the front desk know you’re there — hanging out in the lobby with your bags can be a helpful, constant reminder of your request.

What to do if your hotel room is not ready yet?

Despite your best efforts, there will likely be times when a hotel cannot accommodate a request for an early check-in. In these scenarios you have a handful of ways to kill time:

  • Stay at the airport and buy a lounge day pass. It’ll cost you a little, but at least you can hang out in relative comfort with access to WiFi, food, and drinks, and maybe you can even take a nap while you wait. This probably works best if you have a carry-on bag.
  • Take advantage of hotel facilities such as the business center, pool or spa. Even if you can’t get into your room, you should have access to on-site amenities while you wait.
  • Pack your bags and go exploring. When you have enough energy, leave your luggage at the hotel and head out to start your vacation.

One last reminder, you can also request a late check-out, and as long as the hotel isn’t full, that option is likely to be available. Of course, this can prevent the next person – eventually you – from getting an early check-in.

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