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For additional questions on the epa 608 exam, including purchasing materials and proctorship: Click to see epa 608 study guide website.

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The environmental protection agency is an arm of the federal government charged with protecting human health and the environment.

How to get epa certification online. Includes online preparatory course and materials for all exam sections.; This online epa section 608 technician certification course and subsequent testing will enable you to obtain your epa certification in order to work with and handle refrigerants in common air conditioners and hvac units. To become certified, technicians must pass a test demonstrating proper handling of ozone depleting refrigerants and knowledge of epa refrigerant regulations.

3 steps to get epa 608 certified fast. Servicing motor vehicle air conditioning includes repairing, leak testing, and topping off of air conditioning systems low on refrigerant as well as any other repair to the. This certification can be obtained online via the mainstream engineering website, which is a certifying entity for the environmental protection agency section 608 type i, ii, and iii and universal.

Applications are done online and certificates are emailed in a couple of weeks. Everything you need to become epa certified. Schedule when you will take the test online with the calendar on this page.

Epa rrp refresher 100% online. Before you proceed please be aware: Click on the get certified online link.

Click search and follow links to examine certification test contents. Online certification courses will immediately inform you of a pass or fail. Scroll the cursor over the epa certification test you wish to take.

The fastest way is this 5 day epa 608 prep class. Go online and visit the epa website and type in overview of issues on epa certification test into the search box. Epa rrp initial lecture online.

Technicians must be able to prove they are certified, so if you lose your certification card, you must get a replacement. This section includes proper recovery techniques and industry requirements for small appliances, including recovery in equipment made before and after november 15, 1993. Learn the material on the test.

Hvac certification is either legally mandated, such as by the epa or is done on a voluntary basis and notifies potential employers that an hvac professional possesses strong knowledge of their specialty field and that they have a high level of expertise in their work. Technicians can obtain epa 608 certification online by registering with a site such as green education services, scheduling the exam and then taking the test. If you need to get an epa certification to work with refrigerants you may wonder if you can get certified online.

Register for the initial lecture online 2. Epa section 609 certification section 609 of the federal clean air act requires technicians who service motor vehicle air conditioning “mvac” systems to be certified. You can view that list here.

This is a yes and no question as i will explain below. However, there will be a small additional proctoring fee required. Hvac professionals are almost always required to obtain some form of hvac certification in order to work within the field.

It is common for warehouse workers, apprentices and laborers to get their epa 608 certification without having ever seen an installed a/c unit. Visit the epa test website. The epa requires that programs certifying technicians must publish online a list of all technicians they have certified on or after january 1, 2017.

It offers several certifications, but one that is commonly required is epa section 608 technician certification. Three types of certification are available. Epa 608 certification is required for those wishing to work with stationary refrigeration and air conditioning systems, as stated by section 608 of the federal clean air act.

The section 608 type i, ii and iii exam can be purchased through one of our local distributors. In order to get the epa section 608, you need to complete a type 1 certification test that can be done online. Test questions are drawn from the epa bank of questions, and are randomly sorted in multiple versions.

Speaking of epa 608 certification types 2 & 3, both these options require a proctored testing. Some parts of the test can be taken online but the more advanced certification most hvac technicians need have to be proctored. Epa 608 technician certification is required by section 608 of the federal clean air act for anyone who maintains, services, repairs, or disposes of appliances that contain.

View able safety's epa refresher accreditation credentials here. Getting your rrp certification has never been so simple. Official online tests are graded instantly and cards are mailed every monday.

The test covers ozone depleting refrigerants and epa regulations. The epa does this through regulation, education, research and strategic partnering. The epa technician certification quiz is 30 questions, of which you must get 24 correct to pass.

View able safety's epa initial accreditation credentials here. The information in the quiz is industry specific, so studying the program information is important to ensure a passing grade. Please add [email protected] to your contacts to ensure delivery of your certificate!

Epa 608 certification test prep.

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