How To Get Mighty Globs in Grounded

To obtain Mighty Globs in Grounded, players must harvest or craft Cool Tough Nuggets, a resource found in Tier 3 rocks or crafted from Spider Fangs.

Similar to how Tough Nuggets are required for levels 0 through 5 of weapon progression Grounded, Mighty Globs are refined materials used to upgrade weapons from level 6 to 7. Despite their peculiar name, Mighty Globs don’t look like lumps as they are bar-shaped bars made from Cool Tough Nuggets. This nugget variant serves as a Tier 2 resource of the Tough Nugget category in Grounded and can be acquired from various harvestable stones scattered around the farm.


For example, Tier 3 Rad Rocks of Fashion and Rad Stones of Toughness drop Cool Tough Nuggets Grounded. Therefore, it’s safe to say that any Tier 3 and higher rock resource is likely to drop these nuggets. Remember that a black ox hammer from the black ox beetle is needed to break up the hard layer of tier 3 rocks. However, a major problem with these stones is that, unlike plant resources, they do not respawn after harvesting. Considering that at least 30 Cool Tough Nuggets are required to upgrade a weapon, players will need another source of these nuggets if they want to craft the Mighty Globs they need in Grounded.

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Happily, Grounded has provided a way to craft Cool Tough Nuggets for crafting Mighty Globs. According to a YouTuber called The Partisan Spy, Cool Tough Nuggets can be made by cooking Spider Fangs in an oven. Spider Teeth are a resource dropped by Wolf Spiders or their infected variants upon death. Needless to say, these enemy creatures are extremely difficult to combat initially, so players will likely not get their hands on a pair of Spider Fangs until later in their playthrough.

How to craft cool sturdy nuggets for powerful globs in Grounded

Additionally, it is important to note that the Spider Fangs Oven Recipe for Cool Tough Nuggets is not available in by default Grounded. Players must venture into the dangerous termite den of the Woodpile biome and defeat the mighty Termite King. This elite creature guards the Woodpile BURG.L chip used to unlock the Cool Tough Nuggets crafting recipe for Mighty Globs Grounded.

It should also be noted that Might Globs also require their own unlockable recipe Grounded — Advanced Smithing: Mighty Glob. In order to receive this upgrade, players must obtain the Black Anthill BURG.L chip from the Black Ant Lab. Likewise, those who haven’t gotten the oven yet will need to purchase its blueprint of the Haze BURG.L chip at the end of the Haze Lab.

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Source: The Partisan Spy

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