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Find out how to get Overwatch 2 premium currency so you can start buying new cosmetics for your heroes.

Overwatch 2 got rid of the original game’s loot boxes and introduced a new free-to-play model that uses Overwatch Coins as the main in-game currency. The sequel also introduces the first Premium Battle Pass, which rewards players with exclusive items for completing its levels. Overwatch Coins are what you need to purchase the Premium Battle Pass and its levels, along with certain skins, emotes, voiceovers, and other cosmetic items for your heroes. This guide will explain how to get Overwatch Coins and what to spend them on in Overwatch 2.

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How to get Overwatch Coins

The coin shop in Overwatch 2 with the different packs
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As Overwatch 2’s premium in-game currency, one of the top ways to get Overwatch Coins is by spending real money on them. Players can purchase Overwatch Coins directly from the game’s Shop tab, as well as from the client. The Starter Pack: Season One bundle is a good option for those looking to get a handful of Overwatch Coins along with an epic skin for Doomfist. Overwatch Coins are also what you need to purchase the Premium Battle Pass and start unlocking its tiers.

Purchasing the Premium Battle Pass grants access to Seasonal Challenges, which offer various rewards for playing the game throughout the season. Players can earn additional Overwatch Coins for free by completing certain challenges.

Weekly challenge screen in Overwatch 2
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Weekly Challenges are key to earning Overwatch Coins for free in Overwatch 2. Throughout the season, players can earn up to 60 Overwatch Coins per week by completing the required number of Weekly Challenges before they reset. Weekly challenges are usually a bit longer and involve tasks like winning games, healing allies, or mitigating damage.

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Each individual weekly challenge is also worth 5,000 Battle Pass XP, which greatly speeds up Battle Pass progression. Here are the coin payouts for completing weekly challenges:

  • Complete 4 weekly challenges – 30 Overwatch Coins
  • Complete 8 weekly challenges – 20 Overwatch Coins
  • Complete 11 Weekly Challenges – 10 Overwatch Coins

While Blizzard may introduce new ways to earn Overwatch Coins in the future, the only way to get this valuable in-game currency in Overwatch 2 right now is by completing weekly challenges or by opening your virtual wallet. Make sure you have spent all your Legacy Credits before purchasing a new cosmetic with Overwatch Coins. For more gameplay tips, visit our Overwatch 2 page.

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