How to get rid of ants: Eliminate ants in 24 hours without chemicals

The garden content creator posts his clever tips and tricks on his TikTok account @permacultureplants. In a recent tip, he advised gardeners on how to tackle one pesky problem – ants.

He posted the hack in his video How to Get Rid of Ants in 24 Hours Without Chemicals.

So how exactly does it work? The gardening expert explained that introducing neighboring ant colonies can help.

“Scoop from one anthill and put it on top of the other. And a day later, no more ants,” he said.

The garden expert explains: “The ants are extremely territorial, you just have to let nature take its course.

“Don’t spend money on all the fancy gimmicks, take a bullet from one, put it on a bullet from the other. Wait a day, done.”

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One commenter wrote, “Won’t work if all the ants on my property appear to be just one giant super colony.”

Another said: “I would be so scared of someone winning and then having to face the STRONG colony of ants.”

One gardener joked, “My ants have teamed up and have trade routes between nests. What now?”

“I did that and now the colony has become a kingdom, they even have flying cars now. Great thank you not!” another joked.

While these commentators joke, there is some evidence that cooperative ants are taking over the insect kingdom.

A single mega-colony of ants has been discovered to have colonized vast areas of the US, Europe and Japan.

The huge colony is tolerant of other members even if they live many kilometers apart.

This cooperative behavior allows these Argentine ants to form a global community.

Ants in the colony, taken from Europe and California and introduced for the first time, behaved like friends, never fighting and even rubbing their feelers together, a kind of friendly ant salute.

How to get rid of ants in the garden

white wine vinegar

If you want to fight ants, pour a liter of vinegar into your ant nest. It kills ants on contact and does not significantly damage soil.

Boiling water

Just pour boiling water on your ant nest to kill a colony. Pour the water through the entrances into the ant nest. However, avoid this method around your prized plants as it kills the roots.

boric acid and sugar

Mix boric acid and sugar into a paste and spread around the ant nest. The ants carry the mixture back to the nest to eat. However, if they eat it, they will be poisoned and die.

Ant repellent plants

For a less violent approach, try growing plants that ants don’t like. These include basil, lavender, rosemary and eucalyptus and more.

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