How to get Star Coins fast in Disney Dreamlight Valley

If you have spent time with it Disney Dreamlight Valleyyou must have noticed that everything, well, very expensive. Between upgrading various structures, purchasing furniture and clothing, and purchasing materials and items for the game’s myriad quests, you’ll likely feel the effects in your wallet quite a bit. Luckily, there are many ways to build a nice collection of Star Coins, and we’ve put together a list for you here so you can decide which method works best for you.

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A player walks past Wall-E and enters a cave in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

One of your biggest ways to make money, especially early in the game, will be looking for gems to sell. Of course you’ll want to keep some gems needed for quests, but generally you can sell them to Goofy for a hefty chunk of change.

First, make sure you bring a friend who specializes in mining. This ensures that every time you mine one, you regularly get at least one extra Gem, increasing your winnings exponentially. Second, try to be efficient by planning a route that starts on one side of the map and allows you to move from biome to biome, hitting each node until you circle or quickly return to the first area and from can start at the beginning. Nodes respawn roughly every five minutes, so this method can be very useful if you’re willing to sit back and accept the monotony of it all.


Like mining, fishing is a fantastic way to make money early in the game, and it can even be profitable later in the game – especially if you bring a friend who specializes in fishing and you with every catch can supply additional fish.

Fish come in several rarities, which you can identify by the color of the tank they live in. White pools contain common fish that often don’t sell much until you’ve caught a lot of them. The blue and gold pools have rare and legendary fish and seafood respectively that can fetch a pretty penny. Prioritize pools with these rarer options, then fish the common pools until you see another blue or gold one.

However, before you head to Goofy’s booth to sell your loot, consider the next tip first.

cooking meals

While you can certainly sell the fish and seafood you acquire from fishing, there is actually a way to make some extra cash from your catches. A piece of seafood, for example, can be cooked into a seafood appetizer and sold for a few hundred coins more for the sheer effort of visiting a cooktop somewhere. As a general rule, anything that can be cooked should be cooked if you want to make more money from it – and that goes for veggies and fruit too, which we’ll get to below. However, your most lucrative dishes will be those that have a higher star level, so it’s best to aim for five-star dishes whenever you can to earn a huge income.

A popular trick to making massive profits is to unlock Remy and complete his quest line so you have access to all of his ingredients in his restaurant. Go there and buy a cheese, egg, milk and butter to make a souffle. The ingredients together will bring you just over 800 coins, but you can sell the souffle at Goofy’s booth for 1,200 coins. As soon as you can afford it, buy the ingredients in bulk and make tons of souffles to fill your wallet with ease.

gardening and foraging

Harvesting vegetables and gathering fruit isn’t quite as lucrative as the other methods above, but since it’s practically necessary to fill up your recipe collection and complete a handful of quests, you might as well do whatever you can. As mentioned in the last tip, it’s best to take your ingredients and cook them into dishes to sell for more, but even if you just collect all the available Fruit of the Valley and sell it all outright, that’s still one few thousand coins in your pocket that you didn’t have before.

To make things more efficient it is recommended that you create some kind of grove where you can place all your fruit trees and bushes so they can be picked more easily. The same goes for planting and harvesting vegetables – make sure you have a large piece of land for the process and not multiple plots in multiple biomes. Of course, don’t forget to bring friends who specialize in foraging or gardening to ensure you get extra ingredients with every harvest!

Invest early to benefit later

All the tips so far are things that can be done fairly early in the game and still be profitable after a hundred hours. However, if you are willing to save and spend your hard-earned cash on long-term investments, you can earn passive income forever. Here are some ideas for you.

Eventually, once you’ve brought Moana to the valley, her quest line will task you with repairing her fishing boat. That way she can fish consistently and provide you with fish, and if you’re willing to spend the money up front to upgrade her boat to its max level – which admittedly costs a a lot of Coins – she can bring you up to 20 fish at a time. You can take these extra fish and sell them directly for passive income, or cook them and earn even more coins.

Eventually, once you bring WALL-E to the valley, his questline will ask you to help him build his garden. If you commit, he’ll plant and grow some random crops each day – some of which are high quality and otherwise expensive to acquire. The more money you spend to improve this garden, the more it can plant for you. You can harvest these ingredients to sell directly, although it’s far more profitable to cook them into delicious dishes that you can then sell. However, once you’ve spent a lot of money upgrading his garden, the long-term effects can be very beneficial.

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