How to get the Cobra DMR in Fortnite: Locations, stats & differences

Released: 2022-10-04T15:16:29

updated: 2022-10-04T15:16:49

The Cobra DMR is a brand new weapon in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4, so if you want to try them out we’ve got details on where to find them and their stats in each rarity.

Although the regular DMR has now been vaulted after the 22.10 update, the new Cobra DMR has taken its place. Described as a “long-range, high-rate-of-fire sniper rifle,” this weapon is excellent for long-range combat.

It is available in all rarities from Common to Mythic. So if you manage to master this sniper-assault rifle hybrid that comes with a scope, you can dish out some massive damage – especially when you land headshots.

Below is everything you need to know about the new Cobra DMR in Fortnite, including where to find it, each rarity’s stats, and how it compares to the regular DMR.

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Where to find the Cobra DMR in Fortnite?

The Cobra DMR is now part of the regular loot pool in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4, which means you can find it in chests, in Supply Drops, while fishing, by defeating Loot Sharks, and in reality, Sapling Fruit.

You can also find the Cobra DMR as floor loot, but you have a better chance of finding one by searching chests at busy POIs.

Cobra DMR stats in Fortnite

Here are the stats for the Cobra DMR in each rarity available in Fortnite:

What is the difference between the DMR and the Cobra DMR?

Considering there’s already a popular DMR in Fortnite, you might be wondering what’s so special about the new Cobra DMR. They are very similar weapons, but there are a few important differences that need to be pointed out.

The main advantages of the Cobra DMR are that it has a much higher rate of fire and a magazine size of 20, which is double the regular DMR. That means you don’t have to reload as often.

On the downside, the Cobra DMR deals less damage per shot than the regular DMR, and it also takes longer to reload, so you’ll be out of action a little longer if your clip is empty.

The regular DMR has been domed, so the Cobra DMR is your only option for now. The two weapons aren’t very different, though, so it shouldn’t take long to get used to this new addition.

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