How To Get The Pinch Whacker In Grounded

The open world sandbox of Grounded is packed with hidden, secret locations and objects for players to discover, from long-lost BURG.L chips to ruined labs and more. Discovery is part of its charm and appeal as many players are eager to find more. in the Groundedthe Pinch Whacker is one of the best and most unique weapons to find and it’s not too difficult to get.

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The Pinch Whacker could look and sound like a futuristic fly swatter in the making with its robotic arm and gimmicky handle. However, it is a premium element that is a Tier 3 robotic weapon with devastating bug-zapping effects. Players will need their wits and building skills to reach them, as well as the ability to assemble an explosive concoction to gain access to their hidden, secret location, as well as a treasure trove of other rewards for their efforts.


Where to find the Pinch Whacker and build a grass staircase

The Pinch Whacker is located in a hidden corner in the wall near the hedge lab behind a cracked door, making it easy for even the most eagle-eyed player to miss. From the Hedge Lab door in the lower right corner of the map, players must follow the wall until they see a milk carton next to some big rocks. Watch out for stink bugs loitering near the milk carton and mosquitoes hovering at the water’s edge and try to avoid them if possible.

Look up at the milk carton to see a small one crack in the wall about halfway up. Nearby, players can scale the top and slide down to the entrance with a dandelion tuft, but traversing can be difficult. Alternatively, players who enjoy building can build grass floors and sets grass ladder stairs Use grass planks and weed stalks to reach the wall.

There is plenty of grass nearby to chop, but players may need to head back to the dry grassy areas to retrieve Dandelion Weed Stalks with a chopping tool like the Pebble Axe. A set of grass stairs required 4 grass boards and 1 weed stalk. A complete lawn floor required 4 grass boards. Once across, players see a damaged door that requires explosives to open, but it doesn’t specify what kind.

How to get explosives and blow up the door

The next step is to craft explosives to open the door. Though the Splatburst can be more accurate with its sticky abilities, the quickest explosive to get that still works is the Bratburst Explosive, which is how it’s made 2 Mushroom Growths, 1 Red Ant Egg and 5 Sap Pieces. In order to unlock this recipe, players must find and analyze the fungal growths obtainable from many of the infected insects near the backyard haze area.

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How to get mushroom growth

There is no need to venture into the dangerous misty mists of the Haze, however, as players can scale the rock where the on top of the rake sits, above the huge gorge in the dry grass area west of the mysterious machine. Players can often find something here infected bugs like ladybugs and larvae that roam around in their slimy state. killing one infected ladybug not too different from a normal one, except that it spits out explosive drops of dirt to dodge. Fungus growth can also make the delicious soup Funguspacho.

How to get ant eggs and juice

If players don’t already have a Red Ant Egg, they can find some deep within the egg ant hill in the west. Sap is easily obtainable from fallen branches scattered around the backyard, logs surrounding the giant oak tree, or a sap catcher if players have crafted one.

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How to use the Bratburst explosive

Once players have gathered all the necessary ingredients and crafted the roast burst with a workbench, it’s time to head back the damaged door. To avoid wasting the explosives, your best bet is to stand right in front of the door and carefully drop it before stepping back to avoid the blast. Once inside, players will find a gruesome scene of popped berries splattering the walls in a lost laboratory area.

The Pinch Whacker is is in a trash can next to the computer consoles, and players can easily take it with them. There’s also a metal storage bin with more goodies to go, including Rugged Coating, Supreme Coating, Study Whetstone and Supreme Whetstone.

What to do with the Pinch Whacker?

Now players have the pinch whacker, it’s time to have fun and try it. Players can use it as a powerful weapon to fight enemies as it can fire a small bolt of electricity within a small AoE for a quick, bug-busting death.

If the Pinch Whacker becomes damaged, players can use Repair Glue to repair it. Its damage stats aren’t as high as the slower Red Ant Club, but it’s much more balanced in strength and speed. That’s about as much as the pinch whacker. Unfortunately, it’s not a hacking or demolition tool, but it’s a great weapon to have on hand, especially when dealing with larger bugs.

Grounded is playable on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S and is free to play on Xbox Game Pass.

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