How to Get The Scythe of the Blossoming Assassin

Without the right tools Grounded becomes a near-impossible game to get through without dying. Whether you are alone or with friends, you must venture into the beautiful and deadly world of backyard prepared for anything. The Scythe is an excellent crafting weapon that will give you an edge in your adventures. If you want this Tier III weapon, we’ll show you what you need to craft The Scythe of the Blossoming Assassin Grounded.

Obtain the Blooming Assassin’s Scythe in Grounded

Grounded Orchid Mantis boss fight

Screenshot of The Partisan Spy (YouTube)

Like any other weapon or tool in the game, you acquire The Scythe through crafting. It becomes difficult here when looking for the required main material. However, just like Tier III tools, a Tier III weapon is a must-have Grounded.

The only way you can get The Scythe of the Blossoming Assassin Grounded is to defeat the Orchid Mantis boss.

This can quickly become an uphill battle if you’re not ready. Note that the Mantis resists all weapon types like chopping and stabbing. So focus on simple weapons with some good stuns to slow down the Mantis.

If you want the Tier III weapon The Scythe of the Blossoming Assassin Grounded, then have some patience for this fight. There are 3 phases to fight your way through.

In Stage 1, the Mantis has a powerful, charged punch that can cause bleeding. Also watch out for the shockwaves as they cannot be blocked. In Stage 2, the Mantis emits an unrelenting yell, reducing your exhaustion recovery time and dealing damage. For phase 3, it learns 2 stronger attacks.

If you are victorious, you will receive everything you need to craft the Blooming Assassin’s Scythe Grounded.

If you want to see this action, check out some The Partisan Spy gameplay to see different ways you can take the fight.

Materials for The Scythe of the Blooming Assassin in Grounded

Grounded The Scythe of the Assassins in Bloom Tier III weapon

Before we get into how The Scythe of the Blossoming Assassin works, let’s first list everything you need for this Tier III weapon Grounded:

  • x2 Mantis Claws
  • x4 Mantis Pieces
  • x5 Doll Leather
  • x5 Rust
  • x5 Fluff Rope

When the Mantis boss is defeated, you should have enough Mantis claws and chunks for the weapon.

To make Doll Leather, harvest Dolls to obtain Doll Skin. Use a Black Ox Hammer with Rust to harvest metal surfaces. Finally, Lint Rope is crafted via Lint, which you can only find on the Shed’s doormat.

When the material is ready, go to the workbench to craft the Blooming Assassin’s Scythe. This weapon scores the following stats:

  • Damage: 4/10
  • Stun: 0.5/10
  • Speed: 7/10

As you can see, the scythe is coveted not because of its incredible strength, but because it’s remarkably fast. Speed ​​goes a long way in keeping you alive Grounded. It also adds critical damage to hits. Coupled with the weapon’s deadly and menacing looks, what’s not to love about it?


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Grounded is available on PC and Xbox One and Series consoles.

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