How To Get Three Stars On Urban Bungle

Think of all the difficult maps in Two point campus who only had a single course to navigate? For some reason, Urban Bungle feels like players can tackle four futuristic courses in one go. Being stuck and having to restart that particular location becomes commonplace.

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The first part of this guide goes into the exact requirements for each star. The strategy to conquer Urban Bungle will be the second part. While many walkthroughs look at each star individually, going back and getting each room to 75% attractiveness, for example, is an enormous pain. It is better to know what to do beforehand, so that the whole thing Two point campus does not need to be leveled and overhauled.


Requirements for Urban Bungle

A star

  • Upgrade Items: 10
  • Complete the School of Thought research project
  • Dormitory rating: 90%
  • Monthly profit: $40,000

Two stars

  • Level 13 students: 20
  • Attractiveness: 75%
  • Campus level: 18th
  • Monthly profit: $60,000

Three stars

  • Campus level: 25
  • A class graduates: 100
  • Student satisfaction: 75%
  • Monthly profit: $80,000

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Although this is one of the most difficult maps, there are some points here that can be put on autopilot. The campus level increases naturally without really having to focus on it. Profits will also increase as courses are updated and more students arrive. After all, the School of Thought research project does not even require a research-minded professor, only a suitable lecturer. The rest, however, requires some strategy.

Three Star Strategy

To build the perfect dorm room, have a 5×5 or 4×6 room, line up the side with beds and closets, then place an air conditioner in the middle to get the perfect temperature. Throw in some decorations to increase the prestige until it reaches five or more. Then copy and paste this space as more students come!

Attractiveness is a massive pain to go back and settle into, so it’s best to make each room beautiful before moving on to the next. Try to get each room to around 85%. Yes, that’s 10% more than the requirements, but keep in mind that the outdoor facilities and empty campus corridors count towards the score, so this is hardly an overcompensation.

There are some standard methods of keeping students happy; Having regular entertainment devices scattered throughout hallways throughout campus is a smart way to keep them reasonably high. However, the most important key is to always schedule Jasmine Odyssey in every available student union time slot. This is a 50% increase in happiness.

Eventually, the A-Grade requirement will boil down to two things: the fully upgraded/equipped rooms and the teachers at level ten. With staff fully trained and equipment upgraded, players must work to find graduates with less than an A.

Two point campus is now available for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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