How to Get Tier 3 Hammer

This guide will help players get their hands on the Black Ox Hammer, a Tier 3 tool that can prove very useful in Grounded.

The Black Ox Hammer is a tier 3 tool in Grounded which allows players to harvest a variety of useful materials. These materials include Supreme Marble Shards and Supreme Quartzite Shards, which fans will ultimately need if they want to keep upgrading their gear. This utility makes Grounded‘s Black Ox Hammer is highly desirable, and this guide details the various ways players can get their hands on this essential tool.

Grounded: How to Unlock the Tier 3 Hammer Recipe

There are multiple ways to unlock the Black Oxhammer recipe, the first of which is by analyzing one of two different materials within it Grounded. More specifically, players will receive the Tier 3 Hammer Recipe by either a Black ox horn or a piece doll leatherand here are details on how to obtain these materials:


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  • Black Ox Horn: This material can be earned by killing Black Bullock Beetles. Those bugs in there Grounded can be found near the Abandoned Gardening Glove in the northwest corner of the yard and also near the Wheelbarrow in the northeast corner of the yard, and they can be quite difficult to ship.
  • doll leather: The first steps to get Pupa Leather are to get and analyze Pupa Hide. These skins come from puppets found in the ravines near the deck in the northwest corner of the map, and are harvested with a Tier 3 axe. With some doll skins in hand, players can convert them into leather at a workbench or jerky rack Grounded.

Fans can also unlock the Black Ox Hammer recipe by reaching it Intelligence level 13. However, players will need both of the above materials to craft the tool, making this alternate method of earning the recipe somewhat redundant.

Grounded: How to Craft a Tier 3 Hammer

Once a fan unlocks the Black Ox Hammer recipe, they can create the tool at a Workbench by combining a black ox horn, five black ox partsand two doll skins. These items are also obtained by tracking down Black Bull Beetles and Dolls, both of which can be found in the northwest corner of the courtyard. Note that repairing this level 3 tool requires three larval spikes and a black ox horn Grounded Players should therefore consider growing some extra horns during their initial hunt for Black Bullock Beetles.

Grounded is available for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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