How To Get Wood And Stone In Coral Island

Before you do anything else, you must settle on Coral Island and upgrade your home.

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  • Take your materials to the carpenter

On coral island, you must help yourself before you can help the villagers. Farming is no easy task on this once-lush island, and it’s your job to revitalize the dwindling shelves of local produce at the local shop – and uncover the mysteries that have lain dormant on Coral Island for years.

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Before you can really sow the seeds of success, you need to collect some materials to improve your house. Dilapidated and mostly made up of rotting wood, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to spruce up your pad so you can focus on your neighbors’ needs.

Coral Island is currently in Early Access, so aspects of this guide are subject to change.

How to collect wood

Once you click through the introductory dialog, you will be prompted Collecting stones and wood and brings it to Carpenter Downtown. You can’t just chop down any old tree; You can only fell certain large trees, such as Oak, pine or maple trees – so don’t even try to chop those pretty palm trees that line your path to the beach.


To just hack them Click on the square tile on the floor the tree grows out. It takes a few turns To hack these henchman tribes in half, you should visit the following locations to collect something:

snack on something candied tree nuts or flushed Flower will give you a boost of energy and replenish your lost stamina!

How to collect stone

Much like you can’t just chop down any old tree, Only certain rocks can be mined to collect rocks.

Visit the Beach and search light sand colored rocks dig for stone. Alternatively if you have the unlocked caveYou can quarry for stone and copper ore here.

Hold on copper ore as these will be useful in later missions where you smelt this ore into copper ingots which are used by the blacksmith to upgrade your tools.

When you’re first starting out, finding the above bricks to mine can be frustrating. Each beach rock gives you a stonewhile in the main you can give up three pieces per larger boulder.

Take your materials to the carpenter

Once you have gathered 20 pieces of wood and stonebring this to carpenter house just off the main square to reconstruct your home. Don’t forget the shops opening hours on the map screen to make sure they are not closed.

A short cutscene will play in which the two carpenters will help you move in new furniture, e.g refrigerator and television which can be used to check the weather forecast for the next day.

This completes your first main mission on Coral Island and you can go out and heal the coral reefs, meet your neighbors and start farming a beautiful farm that you can sell locally grown products.

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