How to Grow Giant Crops in Stardew Valley

How to grow giant plants in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is full of hidden secrets. And the biggest Stardew Valley The secret of it all is huge harvests. If you’re looking for ways to improve your farm’s profits, investing some time and effort in trying to grow these gargantuan plants is a great way to go.

Everything you need to grow giant crops Stardew Valley are seeds, a watering can, a little effort and good luck.

What are giant plants?

Giant crops are massive versions of regular crops that have a chance to appear on your farm. They are so large that they must be harvested with an axe, and yield far more than is put into them. These oversized fruits and veggies have the potential to double your winnings overnight and are deceptively easy to get hold of.

However, not every culture has the ability to oversize. There is only one plant per season that is capable of this – except in winter, of course. The plants that can produce huge harvests are cauliflower in the spring, melons in summer and pumpkins in the autumn.

How can I grow giant plants?

The method behind growing giant plants is simple, but achieving it is not guaranteed. You need nine Cauliflower, Pumpkin, or Melon Seeds and at least the first Watering Can upgrade. The first upgrade or more of the Watering Can is very important, as creating huge crops requires the ability to water three tiles at once.

To grow huge plants Stardew Valleyyou have to plant nine of the corresponding seeds in a 3×3 square spot on your farm. Once your plants are mature, don’t pick them! Continue watering your mature plants every day. Every day after you water your mature plants there is a 1% chance that they will combine into a large Cronenberg plant.

How to grow giant plants in Stardew Valley

Plant your crops in a 3×3 tile garden

When you’ve successfully grown your massive crop, pull out your axe. After a few hits, it should explode into a shower of regular-sized plants. The Huge Harvest will produce 15-21 harvests, which is a huge improvement over the nine included in it.

More Giant Crop tips

While the method of growing giant plants is simple enough, there are some caveats. You cannot grow giant plants in the Greenhouse, Ginger Island Farm, or in a Flowerpot.

They also don’t wither like normal crops, even in winter. Here’s how you can leave your massive harvests hanging around your farm to ensure you have enough cash to get through the cold winter months.

Make your thumbs and wallet greener by growing giant crops

The key ingredient to growing massive plants is patience. 1% is by no means a large percentage. In fact, it’s as slim as the odds are. But if you wait long enough and plant as many 9×9 tile gardens as possible, you’re sure to be growing huge harvests in no time!

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