How To Improve Your Team In FIFA 22 Career Mode

EA Sports’ fifa 22 series offers a variety of game modes, and career mode is one of the most popular. Building on previous entries, FIFA 22 Career Mode offers a much more advanced gaming experience.

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As a more realistic and developed manager mode, career mode can seem quite challenging, and it takes creativity and mastery to get your team from nothing to anything. Below are the best ways to coach, manage, and improve your team with the goal of becoming a top division champion.

Attend and conduct training

Many FIFA players love playing through and simulating the training days in career mode. Understandably, this speeds things up a bit, but the results aren’t usually great. If you simulate the training, More often than not you end up with drill results with a D or even E rating.


When you play training exercises, you can easily get exercise results like A or B. This increases the sharpness of your players and makes them play better in games.

You can focus on coaching more reserve players so your starting XI can relax on rest days and develop when they play on matchdays.

Attend press conferences

Before playing career mode games, you should Always attend press conferences, and speak positively to the media. Provide answers and statements that put your team in a good position will increase team morale resulting in improved performance.

If you give bad or negative answers, your team’s morale will drop. As a result, your team’s performance will suffer.

It is possible to get caught up in dilemma answers and not know which answer to choose. When faced with such a situation, always choose the least negative answer.

Participate in post-game interviews

It’s important to attend post-game interviews, especially if you’ve rarely done so before. Post-match interviews in FIFA 22 will greatly increase your team’s morale after a game is over.

Depending on the result of a game, you will be confronted with different questions from reporters in post-game interviews.

Responding positively in post-game interviews will improve your overall team morale. Meanwhile, matches can sometimes get a little out of hand. Suppose your team loses five to zero – in the press conference you will be given questions where all the answers you can choose from sound negative.

To overcome this, aim for answers with the least amount of negative tone. It will still lower your team morale, but only a little.

Go for potential youngsters

You can achieve great returns by recruiting potential talent to join your team. These bring great returns in the long run, So be sure to check out your youth academy and the transfer market.

You should be on the lookout for young players (preferably homegrown) with a potential of 85+.

If you find one, there’s a good chance it has a low overall rating, e.g. B. 65, 70 or so. Don’t worry about this seemingly low rating – you can sign him now and over time he could grow into a Messi or Ronaldo for your team.

Try to sign more than one potential player during the window, maybe three to four.

This increases your chances of bigger wins, e.g. B. selling the players for enormous transfer fees.

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Conduct player talks

Player chat in career mode involves a conversation between you as manager and your player. The essence of it is to affect a player’s morale in crucial situations.

Whenever you engage your player in conversation, you need to be positive.

He will gain more confidence when he gets a positive answer from you and he will lose it when he gets a negative answer.

Let’s say your captain has a player chat and says, “Some of the big boys aren’t sure if this is a team that can win anything this season.” You obviously don’t want to come back with a negative answer, because that would weaken his confidence.

You need to take the time to analyze the response choices that are available in such situations. After that, carefully choose the answer that sounds the least negative.

Do preseason tournaments

You may have considered the Pre-Season Tournament in Career Mode as an extra, but it’s not necessary. Well, it goes way beyond that. Why? Because of the cash rewards that come with it.

Playing pre-season games earns you easy cash prizes. If you’re at a club on a budget, this income can be very helpful, especially during transfer windows and payroll.

It’s easier to win a pre-season tournament when there are many football clubs from the lower leagues.

Pre-season tournaments with big football clubs like Inter Milan and Borussia Dortmund come with higher cash prizes. However, there is also a higher risk of loss.

So if you get an invite to a pre-season tournament in Career Mode, be sure to search the roster carefully for a favorable draw.

Select the pre-season tournament with the highest number of lower division football clubs, such as Fleetwood Town, Cagliari, Granada, SC Freiburg and others of a similar level. You should easily secure winnings and claim some worthy cash prizes.

play cup games

Cup tournaments like the EFL Cup can get pretty boring after a long time playing in career mode. Still, cup games shouldn’t be “quickly simulated” – even if you have a well-formed side like Manchester United.

When simulating cup games fast, you practically leave the game decision up to the AI ​​to come up with questionable probabilities and predictions of the outcome. Therefore, you should approach cup tournaments as you would the UEFA Champions League.

If you know you need to speed things up in cup games, do a visual simulation instead of a quick one. Visually simulating cup games still gives you some control over achieving satisfying game results.

The board goals

Board objectives are one of the most important tasks that you have to complete in FIFA 22 career mode.

If you don’t complete the required number of board objectives in a season, you will be fired.

If you achieve enough board goals, board members will have great confidence in you.

For each club that you manage in career mode, the board goals are different depending on the size of the club. Some are urging you to give medium priority to youth development or to greatly increase the club’s branding.

Rotate your roster

Team rotation is very important in career mode as it keeps every player on your team in shape. It also means that all players have high sharpness to perform better on matchdays.

The rotating selection in your team will also gradually promote and develop the players in your team.

Rotating players on your team can also help you discover underrated but promising players worth developing in training.

On the other hand, you also have the option to do so Discover players that are best selling or released instantly.

All in all, career mode can be quite challenging, especially if you’re new to it. Take the time to gradually develop your mastery using the steps above. Completing the most important or necessary things in FIFA 22 career mode will help you develop into a successful manager.

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