How to install a dash cam: my first attempt, and what I learnt along the way

Dash cams. Not so long ago you’d only find one inside a truck or commercial vehicle, but with prices becoming ever more accessible, these days there’s little reason not to fit one in your car. And when you see the kind of crashes and near-misses captured on dashcam footage and uploaded to social media, it’s easy to see why having a video camera constantly recording what’s going on around you as you drive could be invaluable should the worst ever happen.

So when I was asked to review Vantrue’s latest dash cam, the E1, I jumped at the chance. Slight problem though: while I’m no stranger to DSLRs, mirrorless, compact and phone cameras; I’m a newcomer to dash cams. So let me share with you my first-hand experience installing and using a dash cam for the first time.

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1: Choose your dash cam

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