How To Keep Student Happy

management game Two point campus tasks players with running a university, with staff wages, room decoration, facilities, and more being the player’s responsibility. Along with these responsibilities, players need to keep a constant eye on it Two point campus is student happiness.

Keeping students happy isn’t just great for seeing smiles on campus; it is also important to help them fulfill their academic potential. Student satisfaction directly affects their grades. So when trying to get as many passes and successful degrees as possible, it is important that students are happy with their campus experience.


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Make sure the basics are covered

First and foremost, it’s important to cover the basics. Basic things like bathrooms, food and drink should be present in every building. Also, there should be at least one shower room on campus and ideally hand sanitizer in every room. Although these things may sound obvious, it is extremely important not to forget any of them as doing so will cause student happiness to drop freely.

Don’t be greedy with tuition

Tuition fees are a big topic of conversation among students in the real world right now, and it doesn’t seem like the world of Two point campus is somehow different. Although it can be tempting to increase tuition for the extra money, students will become disgruntled, and their subsequent dissatisfaction will greatly affect their grades. Tuition increases every once in a while are fine, but be sure not to get greedy.

Entertain them

Events are a quick and easy way to increase student satisfaction. There is a wide variety of events players can organize so students can blow off steam and have a good time without the stress of exams hanging over them for a while. Events don’t come cheap, but they’re worth the money when it comes to boosting morale. It’s important to note that events can be scheduled to repeat on an annual basis, so players don’t have to do it manually every time.

Clubs are another way to put a smile on students’ faces, so it pays to have a good selection for students to choose from.

Be generous with facilities

Generously built classrooms, dormitories, college dormitories, and student unions can make a big difference in student morale Two point campus. In addition to providing large enough rooms that can accommodate many students, players should also ensure that the rooms are well stocked with the necessary furniture and appliances, while also spending some extra money on decorations to ensure that each room will be Maximized prestige and attractiveness potential.

Complete student goals and requirements

Students’ goals and requests are periodically displayed in the player’s inbox. These goals often require a lot of money to complete, although it’s certainly worth paying as goals have a large impact on overall student happiness, and declining goals or letting them lapse can hurt student morale. Keep in mind that many of the student objectives require items to be unlocked using Kudosh. So make sure you always keep some of the currency in reserve.

Two point campus is available now for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC.

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