How To Leverage Amazon Prime Day To Grow Sales [Podcast]

For the second time this year, Amazon Prime Day opened the doors to endless marketing boosts.

Refersion’s Raj Nijjer joins me at the SEJShow to talk about Amazon Prime Day marketing opportunities inside and outside of Amazon.

Even for non-Amazon businesses, there are opportunities to take advantage of October’s new Prime Day, which is on course to be as big a holiday shopping day as Black Friday.

This is the first time they have done the top two days. The first is in July, so at the beginning of Q3, and now they’re doing one at the beginning of Q4. It shows you that there is enough demand out there and also enough inventory. Now that supply chains have returned to normal, shipping prices have come down a long way, and quite frankly, many brands are sitting on a large inventory. The timing for Amazon couldn’t be more perfect –Raj Nijjer, 9:04

Amazon is probably one of the most efficient machines out there. I think it works from that perspective and that’s why you see conversion rates that are 6-7x the B2C website –Raj Nijjer, 31:46

I also think you’re going to have a generation walking away that knows what Black Friday is. When was the last time, probably five or ten years ago, people queued up in front of a store to shop? Black Friday has become an online event. As this generation fizzles out and disappears, the concept of Black Friday may not even exist anymore. – Loren Baker, 31:59

[00:00] – About Raj & reference
[08:26] – What makes this year’s Prime Day different?
[11:40] – The best categories for Amazon Prime Day.
[18:06] – How to reach your Amazon customers.
[25:41] – How to use Prime even if you are not on Amazon.
[27:23] – How does Prime affect Black Friday?
[40:03] – How to use Referion as an Amazon affiliate, partner or seller.

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It can’t be like B2C versus marketplace. It must be like B2C and Marketplace. –Raj Nijjer, 17:24

It’s the promise Amazon makes. It’s fulfillment, shipping and payment. It’s all systems and processes, but for you as a consumer, it’s like magic. –Raj Nijjer, 16:15

If you’re worried like, oh my god, I don’t want to put my brand on Amazon, chances are your competitors are already there. They’re fine there, and they’re already selling and finding success. They have registered in the trademark register, which gives them protection and product protection. But you also get a range of sales and marketing tools since you are in complete control of your listing. –Raj Nijjer, 23:13

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Raj’s experience in the e-commerce space has given him an invaluable asset in building affiliate marketing strategies for brands looking for ways to accelerate growth.

His role as CMO at Refersion is to enable advocacy and maximize customer lifetime value for brands. When not investing in or advising on startups, Raj is a witty and knowledgeable speaker on all things technology. He knows every digital marketing topic you can throw at him!

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