How to Make Branded Email Templates With Layouts in Gmail

Gmail layout email template

If you want to create a newsletter, announcement, or other marketing message with your company’s branding, you can use Gmail layouts, which are basically email templates. These handy templates are customizable so you can add your logo, colors, and links.

Note: Beginning in August 2022, the feature will be available to Google Workspace subscribers with Workspace Individual, Business Standard or Plus, Enterprise Starter, Standard or Plus, and Education Standard or Plus accounts.

Use a layout email template in Gmail

To view the available layouts and insert one into your email, go to Gmail and create a new message using the compose button in the top left.

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When the email window opens, select the Layouts icon, which looks like a tiled square. If you are using the feature for the first time, you will see a brief description. Click Browse Layouts.

Browse layouts link.

From there, just click on the “Layouts” icon in the “Create” window to open the collection.

On the left you will see the choice of layouts and if you hover over each one you will see the type. These include Call-to-Action, Plain Text, Announcement, Newsletter, New Service, and Recommendation, each with an inverted color option.

If you want a larger view, select a layout and you’ll see a preview on the right.

Gmail layouts

Select the one you want to use and click “Insert”. The template will appear in the body of the email for you to customize.

Announcement layout in Gmail

Customize the layout template

Once you’ve added a layout to your email, you can insert your text, swap out the images, change the header, remove sections, and add links to the buttons. Note that the options available vary depending on the layout you are using.

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To enter your text, select the placeholder text and enter your own.

Selected text in a placeholder

To change an image or header, select it to see your options and choose Change Image. Then navigate to your image and select it. You’ll also see options like Add Link, Edit Alternative Text, and Remove Section for the images and header.

Option to change the image in a layout

To associate the buttons with your blog, signup form, or email address, select one and click Change. Then select the link type in the pop-up window, add the link and click “OK”.

Popup window for adding a link to a button

To remove an element such as an image, section, or button, select it and choose Remove Section, Remove Button, or Remove Header.

Remove section option for a layout

Change the default layout style

Not only can you make changes to the email template you’re currently using, you can also customize the default styles for layouts. This way, you can use your company’s logo, colors, and links for future layouts you choose.

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In the Create window, click the Layouts icon and choose Default Style in the lower-left corner of the window.

Default style in the Layouts window.

You then have three sections that you can customize.

Logo, colors and fonts

Upload your logo to use as a header for your templates, choose a color palette and font style.

Default styles for logos, colors, and fonts

footer details

To include your company name and contact information in the footer, use the text editor to enter and format the text.

Footer details for the default style


Add links to an email address, website or social network. Select the “Choose” drop down box for the link type and paste the URL into the box on the right.

Left for the default style

When you’re done customizing the default style, choose Save Changes. Then, when you use the layouts in the future, your default selections will be applied automatically.

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With layouts in Gmail, you can create branded emails without having to design and set up your messages. Use this nifty feature for your next marketing message!

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