How to Make Cheese Platter

Get to know players Disney Dreamlight Valley quickly learn the importance of cooking in the game. Preparing food helps players earn Star Coins and sometimes progress in the story. These Star Coins are crucial for renovating shops and purchasing materials, seeds, and furniture Disney Dreamlight Valley‘s world.

Cooking can take time, and there are several ways to acquire recipes in-game. Because of this complexity, some players may be at a loss when trying to cook their ideal meal. For the Disney Dreamlight Valley This guide will help players who want to make a cheese board.


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How to unlock cooking in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Through the action of Disney Dreamlight Valley, players earn a free oven and unlock the cooking element in the game. If you talk to Mickey Mouse after the Mickey Memories quest, players will receive a recipe for crackers and receive several Wheat Seeds. Mickey gives the player his extra stove and the quest is complete after players make crackers and a fruit salad.

How to make a cheese board in Disney Dreamlight Valley

There are a few ways players can get their hands on recipes Disney Dreamlight Valley. They can be acquired through trial and error by players combining different ingredients on their stovetop, as well as being granted through quests. Once a player has learned a recipe, they can always go back to it and automatically fill in the ingredients. Luckily, for a cheese platter, players only need one ingredient: cheese.

Unfortunately, this ingredient is not obtainable at the beginning of the game as it remains locked behind some story missions. Eventually players will Buy cheese from Chez Remy, the restaurant run by Remy Ratatouillefor 180 Star Coins.

This restaurant is only unlocked after opening the Dream Castle for 2,000 Dreamlight and players on the far right inside open the door to Remy’s realm. Inside this door, players must complete the quest in this realm of Disney Dreamlight Valley and then complete the quest “A Restaurant Makeover”. While the cost is a bit high for early players, cheese can be used to prepare meals that offset that cost.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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