How To Make Damascus Steel Without A Power Hammer

Not really a beginner's steel (from a manufacturing standpoint), but it makes a truly fine carbon knife. See more ideas about damascus steel, damascus, steel.


Pattern welded steel needs to be “squeezed” in order to weld nice and tight.

How to make damascus steel without a power hammer. For making damascus steel without the benefit of a power hammer or press, i used to start with a 1×3/4×4 stack. If you can't make a hand hammer operate, the press won't do much for you either, it's just a big slow hammer that hits funny. Swords made of damascus steel soon became popular legends that spread throughout the world.

I am sure that the intricite designs of the flame/star/ect require a power hammer. Personally i would shoot mike turner an email. It was very pleasing to find that its quite achievable with only a hammer and some enthusiasm.

It takes me 2 to 3 days to make up a complex patternwelded sword billet and i work fast and with powerhammers. (7) shirogami a japanese steel (also called white paper steel) that comes in a couple different grades. If you can't make a hand hammer operate, you won't know what you're doing on a power hammer.

I have seen a video of somebody hammering out a chainsaw blade damascus billet/blade. Yet, without proper devices you won’t be able to create beautiful ladder pattern steel, let alone any damascus at all. See more ideas about damascus, metal working, blacksmithing.

Originally, i was going to go through the whole process of stacking, welding, folding and rewelding and then show how to make things with it, but i ran into some problems… The damascus was made of soft iron and hardenable carburized steel. As frosty said, you should get the basics of blacksmithing down first.

All the best owen 3 knives in a weekend is very good going. A hydraulic press can also be used to make a damascus steel and this method is known to have several benefits over the use of a hammer for the formation of damascus. This was my first try and my first go at damascus without a power hammer or press.

For damascus, if no money for a power hammer or press, look into making a macdonald rolling mill. See more ideas about power hammer, blacksmith tools, blacksmithing. Metallurgy and chemistry serve as a basis for the composition and the multiple applications necessary for steel production and use.

He can make some great damascus and has good pricing. If you're going to take tools away from me, i'll keep my power hammer. Notes on pattern welded steel by matt walker i want to give here an over view of how i make damascus steel along with some opinions and ideas.

Number one is the purest. For about 12 years i have been using a hydraulic press to make damascus. It is not worth forging without a big power hammer or a press.

This instructable is all about damascus steel, and how to make things from it. The hydraulic press has several advantages over a power hammer. Damascus steel was originally a unique forging technique utilized by middle eastern and near east swordsmiths.

If you need a larger blade, weld two or more of these billets together. Site about damascus steel, to share a passion with amateurs. It is a far more difficult task without those big tools of the trade.

The first thing i want to say is this is what works in my shop for me. It can be done if your forge gets hot enough. For the beginner, the press is much easier to control, and dies can be made for the press that encapsulate the entire billet, making the forge weld much easier.

The other way of saying that is: A hydraulic press can be easily controlled and the complete billet can be dyed in it which makes the forging process quite easy. Does anybody hand forge any damascus billets with out a power hammer or the such?

Like my grandpa said, tools are secondary, skills are primary. The bar is a cutting edge of aogomi #2 and 5mm bearings and powdered 1084. In reality if you wanted to make billets without taking the time to learn how to forge weld you would need a press, not a power hammer.

The result was a primitive toughhardening steel with a middle carbon content in the range of modern gun barrel steels. First thing you need are the tools. Just had a go at canister damascus.

You most certainly can do it without a power hammer but be. Now let’s talk about materials. I've been into blacksmithing for a little under a year now, and now that i've finally managed to make and acquire adequate tools, i've been able to really start making things (my initial setup was using a small sledge hammer for an anvil and beating…

That is only unnecessarily hard on both your steel and your eyes. The increased forces involved also make damascus making a lot more reliable when using a power hammer or press or rolling mill. Forge welding is its own beast and using a power or treadle hammer are not good ideas for making damascus.

I have played with making damascus recently with the ol arm and hammer since i dont have a press/rolling mill/ or power hammer. I prefer to use a power hammer with flat dies for my welding. I found this to be a comfortable starting size and it would, after folding a few times, give me a billet big enough to make a large hidden tang hunting knife.

But can you forge a damascus blade by hand? When the time is right, the steel comes from the forge as quickly and smoothly as possible and goes into the waiting power hammer dies. Making damascus is almost a faith based pursuit and some people may disagree with my methods.

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